Poem: Her cherubic miracle

‘Her cherubic miracle’
He came into her life when she saw lone despair.
Motherhood’s Jubilant elation filling her lair.
She yearned to hear a flowing conflab
His diagnosis hit like a power jab.
Autism… he would not speak, they declared
To the Almighty her voes she bared.
Plunging headlong into his rehabilitation
She was engulfed in the throes of exhaustion.
Two years passed in waiting agony
Her heart splintered at world’s apathy.
She had almost given up when one day
He looked into her eyes in abandoned gay
“Mama” his voice dripped warmth like never before
She cried holding him close, shaken to her core.
No less than a miracle, her life’s biggest gain
The heavens had smiled upon her yet again.
She made the resolve to work harder
His first words filled her with renewed vigour.
(dedicated to the mothers of the specially-abled angels)
(Posted on the Asian Literacy society’s page as a part of NaPoRimo day 1)

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