and they combust…

Chapter 17

…he says he is your husband… WHAT…?

Avanti almost dropped the receiver…she stood speechless. “…Hello ma’am…? His name on the ID says Keshav Goyal…should I send him upstairs…? He wants to meet…

“…No…please ask him to wait… I am coming downstairs right now…” Avanti didn’t wait for the operator’s response and quickly rushed to pick up her phone. It was working just fine…then why didn’t he call her…? No call…no texts or reply… and she missed him more than words could say but, was she day-dreaming now…? Keshav was here…really? Heart thudding in anticipation, she quickly changed into her jeans and t-shirt and grabbing her mobile and room keys, ran outside… the lift was taking time so she ran down the staircase three floors almost falling on one of the stairs and as she approached the reception, she saw him. Keshav stood towards the entrance in the lobby in his jeans and full sleaved t shirt and glares, emanating royalty as if he owned the place. There were a couple of families too with their brood waiting to check in but right at that moment as he looked up at her, and smiled showing his pearls, the world faded away… she only saw him as she made her way slowly towards her husband. She felt wetness on her cheeks and then the dams broke as she ran the distance into his waiting arms and he pulled her into an embrace. She hugged him tightly not bothering about the audience around them as she dug her head into his warm chest and sobbed. He tightened his hold and kissed her head. After a minute or so, he held her shoulders as she moved away from him. “Avanti…I … I was worried…Are you OK…?”

She nodded. Using the crook of his index finger he lifted up her chin. “…Avanti… what is it…? You aren’t your usual self…please tell me dear…” That brought a fresh bout of tears and he wiped them away. “…ok that’s it… I have taken a room here, the only suite they had on the fifth floor… move in with me… and then we will talk…”

Avanti nodded and in the next fifteen minutes she was all packed and transferred to his room. He ordered lunch for them and as they sat on the two-seater couch, watching the beautiful Banjara hills staring at them royally from a distance, she felt much better having overcome the shock of seeing him in flesh and blood. They didn’t speak anything but his presence itself reduced her turmoil to a great extent. They sat there even after lunch holding hands as he drew circles on her palm… didn’t he know what he was doing to her heart?

 After a while she couldn’t hold it anymore and spoke up. “…So…Keshav…not that I am complaining but… how come you are here…? why didn’t you call…?”

“…I wanted to…uh… surprise you today… but then my battery died by the time I reached here and had to request the receptionist to make the call…

“…How did you know about this place…?” She hadn’t given him any details. “…is it that person you had hired back in Mumbai…? Was he following me here as well…?”

“…No…No…. there is no one following you anymore…I…uh…I asked Rahul…in fact…he told me you were not with them today…” She nodded blinking away tears as he continued. “…What is it Avanti…? Why were you so disconsolate earlier…? even last night you didn’t sound fine… I just couldn’t help it… I… had to make sure you were Ok…”

“…Keshav…?” She looked into eyes even as a fresh batch of tears filled her eyes threatening to spill. “…Why are you… really here…?”

“…I said…I was worried…” He rubbed his face and looked away.

“…You were worried so… you… you just packed up and took the first flight here… dropping all your work…?” She felt the warm tears and wiped them away as she whispered. “…come on Keshav… I am not a kid…”

He turned towards her and bending forward held her hands. “…Avanti… I… I was actually…uh… missing your…uh… presence in the house… it’s like this empty space…I have always lived alone…. but now that you have been around…I was missing everything we did together…the evening chats, tea…your humming throughout the day when you are home…”

“…Keshav… tell me why- are- you- here… the true reason…” She spoke slightly raising her voice.

“…Goddamn it Avanti… because …I… I wanted to see you…personally… I … I … I was worried… and…”

“…KESHAV… THE TRUTH PLEASE…you could have always video called me… you just ignored the hell out of me and didn’t even text me…didn’t reply to my messages…” She almost screamed.

“…Because I was scared Avanti….” He whispered and looked down at their clasped hands breathing hard.

“…you were scared of…of what…? Me…?” she didn’t know if she was surprised or horrified.

He nodded. “…I was scared of… rejection… and even worse…of…you starting to… dislike me…”

“…Why the hell would I dislike you Keshav when… in fact… I was craving to hear the sound of your voice…Do you even know what… I have… been through these two days…?”

“…Avanti…I …”

“…What now…? You ignore me as and when you like…and now you turn up like this… this is so torturous Keshav… I can’t take this anymore…” her chest tightened along with her grip on his hand as subdued emotions surpassed their limits.


“…I can’t… just can’t Keshav…it’s getting too painful to even breathe …I am unable to do what I have always loved the most… I have this event tomorrow and I am just not into it because… you didn’t call me… do you even realise…”

“…Avanti, I love you…”

“…Do you even realise… wait…  what did you say…?” She jerked up straight and looked at him. Did she hear right?

He looked into her eyes for a while as she waited with bated breath. “…Avanti… look…I am in love with you…for…for a long time now…” He rubbed his face again even as his words started to sink in her mushy brain. “…I think ever since I first opened the door of your father’s study that evening and saw you for the first time…or maybe even before that when I just heard your melodious voice…But that day…I actually fell for you… your messy look…hair all over, that stained t-shirt… it just felt like…home…” He smiled as he continued. “…for once in my life I don’t have to try to be happy… when I am with you Avanti…it just happens…” He shook his head and looked down again. “…I will totally understand if you… don’t feel the same…Avanti… but please don’t dislike me…or stop being my friend…”

She chuckled even as her tears flowed unabashedly. “…You idiot…Keshav… All this time…I have been in this turmoil… because of my uncontrollable feelings for you… and… because I thought you didn’t reciprocate them…”

He suddenly looked up from her hands. “…so… you…Avanti… do you…?” he asked expectantly.

“…Yes…I love you Keshav…I love you so much …its past the mind…its beyond my heart even…it’s in my soul… I was in love with you even when you were… engaged to my sister and …I know it doesn’t sound right and probably… you may think the worst of me…” before she could complete her statement he stood up abruptly and pulling her up towards him, he held her face in his palms and smashed his lips on hers. She was stunned for a second but at that moment she clung to him like he was her last breath. Her arms automatically circled his neck and she rose on her toes and as their chests touched, she felt the wave of arousal assume a greater magnitude right in her belly. He pulled her closer to him and continued to ravish her mouth… his tongue made its own way as it surged ahead tasting her…. She tasted the tea they just had and as soon as their tongues touched, she gasped and they stopped…but he didn’t move away this time and held her tightly against him as if she would disappear if he let loose.

He bent his forehead down so it touched hers and sighed… she felt the warm breath on her face and on its own accord her face tilted upwards towards him…it was like she was the iron filing attracted to his masculine magnetism… her hands gripped his shirt lapels as she leaned further into his body. “…Av…Avanti… I can’t…anymore…I want you…but…”

“…then take me Keshav… just take me…”

He tightened his hold and kissed her forehead before he let her go and held her shoulders as she should before him. “…Avanti there… are things… you don’t know…about me… and…”

“…Keshav…” She whispered softly tears brimming her eyes. “…I don’t care anymore… I don’t even want to know… I just want… to be your wife in the complete sense of the word…” the traitorous tears started to trickle down and she turned around hugging herself in embarrassment. Did she just throw herself at him…?

He hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. “…Avanti Sweetheart… don’t misunderstand me please… I want you like hell… but… I… you have to know…”

She turned around again to face him and her heart broke to see the distraught expression on his downcast face. She didn’t know what got over her, she moved her hands around his waist and tugged at his t-shirt tucked in his jeans. When it got free, she raised it upwards slowly looking into his eyes all the while, to find even a speck of rejection…but all she saw was a forlorn look asking her to free him of the shackles in his mind. He removed the t-shirt and threw it on the chair as she focussed on his vest…as she raised it her finger tips touched his chest…his nipples and he gasped… she didn’t break eye contact as he helped get rid of the vest which joined his t shirt. When her trembling hands held his belt buckle, he placed his palm over hers. “…Avanti… there is no going back for me… this is your last… chance.” She could see he was panting and if the tent in the front of his pant was any indication, then she wasn’t the only one who wanted more.

Avanti didn’t say anything but just went up on her toes and holding his face in her palms she placed a peck on his lips. That was probably the confirmation he wanted and he lifted her up as she squealed and dropped her on the bed. He climbed up after her and holding her wrists above her heads kissed her into oblivion… she forgot where she was as she saw stars and her toes curled in the bed as his kiss devastated every sense she had. His onslaught continued as he kissed her jaw and went lower kissing her neck, her sensitive clavicular area as she raised up her chest wanting to feel him more. He moved away to take of his remaining clothes and she immediately missed him. She decided to make the best of the time by getting rid of her own clothing but was suddenly shy… gathering the courage she held the edge of her t shirt but he immediately held her hand. “…let me…” He whispered and she felt the heat pooling between her thighs. She nodded and sat back on her elbows…  clad only in his boxers, he moved towards her resembling a lion on prowl. She sat still taking in the glorious sight as he moved with grace personified his tanned skin shining in the dimmed light of the room further darkened by the drawn curtains, his hair falling in his forehead as the cool breeze from the AC vent fell on his face. He closed the distance between them and in the next minute or so as she remained still… mesmerised by his hypnotic eyes holding hers, her clothes joining his… suddenly she became self-conscious in only her slip and looked for the blanket to cover herself. But once again he stopped her and lay her on the bed gently. He took off her slip even as his soft touch on her body unravelled her arousing her to the peaks of ecstasy.

 He held her wrists above her head again but this time with one of his hands while he used the back of his other hand to draw soft lines on her cheeks and gradually moved lower touching her neck and the upper swell of her breasts. She rasped a throaty gurgle as she felt the soft touch of his fingers on her erect nipples. He drew his hand down till he reached her apex curls and she felt his finger probe its way through her front slit into her private channel. She was so wet he slid inside easily and she raised her chest further above the bed. He removed his finger and smiled as he licked at it looking into her eyes as he did…her heartbeat increased multi-fold and she bit her lower lip to stop it from trembling. He quickly came over her and started to rain kisses on her face, lips and soon his lips traced the path of his hand. As he reached her globes, he took an eager peak into his warm mouth and she was a goner. He kneaded her other globe with his palm and pinched her nipple. She heard a deep throated sound and realised it was her moan… he repeated the same with the other nipple as she grabbed his hair as if it were a life boat as she was hurled up by the large tides of passion. He kissed her sternum and moved towards her abdomen as he kissed her naval… if she had been any apprehensions about her abdominal fat or her thunder thighs, it didn’t matter anymore as she saw the twinkle in his appreciative eyes as they roamed over her body burning her skin in their wake. She felt she was the most desirable woman alive…. He held her hips and moved lower between her legs…oh God… was he…?

He spread her legs and stared at her wetness below as if she were an exhibit and he was the connoisseur of art. In the next instant he moved his head between her inner thighs directly reaching for her juices as he used his tongue to lap them up. The waved of orgasm increased their pace as they kept lashing her insides. Her inner thighs quivered as he inserted a finger inside her soft core and then another as his tongue continued its barrage into her most intimate crevice. Suddenly he sucked on her nub as his finger touched a spot right in the secret passage and she almost jumped up the bed as the waves in their greatest torrents crashed against her carrying her to dizzying heights even as she screamed and held the bedsheet on either side to hold herself. He immediately came on top of her and kissed her hard and she could taste herself on him. That gave rise to another crashing of the thunderous waves and before the aftershocks could recede, she heard the crinkling of the condom foil and within seconds he entered her in a rush as she arched wildly into his chest. The initial invasion into her virgin canal stunned both of them for a second but he kissed her on the forehead, withdrawing as he did and made a soft entry this time filling her to the brim. Every second of the act he held her eyes as if checking if she was alright and she was moved to tears. Once seated into her warmth he kissed her softly on her lips and then holding himself up with a hand on either of her side, he started moving to and fro. Once again, the passion started to build up the crescendo and before she knew she screamed as she fell of the peaks flung up in the air to a great distance before landing down and he followed right after as his baritone calling out her name reverberated in the room with his release filling her core.

Few minutes later as she lay in his arms completely satiated her skin glowing in perspiration in the night lamp, even as the chilled breeze from the AC made her shiver, she felt contented and cherished like never before. He lay lost in thought holding her close…She always wanted Keshav to communicate with her and today their bodies did the talking…fluently. She hoped this was the beginning of a new chapter in their life…one without any secrets. That was her last thought as fatigue took over and she dozed off snuggling into his warmth beside her.

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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