Book Review: A Price to Love

Author: Smita Das Jain

The story is about a highly educated corporate woman Sonia who believes in love but with her conditions applied. She is married to Sameep and he has loved her since college. Her subordinate Mehul who is much younger than her falls for her. Also her boss Rishabh adores her and has liked her for a long time. Sonia however has had an unhealthy childhood and probably that’s why no person holds her interest beyond a certain period…

Being married she has to juggle between high-pressure work scenarios and domesticity and that causes friction between her and Sameep.

The author has craft fully used the retro themes, using ample flashbacks to help us dive into the characters. Though many of us don’t agree with Sonia’s methods, one can’t help but be in awe of her skills in the corporate world. She handles her professional and personal lives with amazing panache.

The story talks about the boundaries that define love and faithfulness…, particularly for women.

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