Book Review: From Olive Green to Beauty Queen

Author: Ankita Srivastava

This is a non-fiction book, an anecdotal literary work penned by the author who was an officer in the Indian Army. She was the first lady officer to get posted to counter-insurgency operations.

However, the book begins when the author was relieved from the Army and suddenly felt the void when she had to face the challenges of civilian life. More so when she felt she wasn’t too feminine amidst the female folks. What began as participation in a local pageant by chance and winning it, brought in an avalanche. She decided to participate in the Mrs. India pageant, with the sole aim of discovering her feminine side.

The book is an account of all that transpires behind the scenes in a pageant of such repute. Some are hilarious while some are shocking revelations. It makes one sit back and wonder at the grind the participants go through to show us just the tip of the iceberg, i.e the glamorous life on stage. The finale is the icing on the cake when the author is confronted with a rather unusual situation and how her Army training comes in to save the situation for her and everyone else.

This book has a tremendous feel-good factor, particularly reminding you of Sandra Bullock in Miss congeniality.

From toughness to softness, from drill boots to stilettos, this book takes you on a beautiful motivational sojourn!


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