Book Review : I am lying to you

Author: Shantanu Sharma

The story plot revolves around a RAW agent Ombir who is assigned to apprehend the dreaded terrorist Haji Suleiman. Everything is planned to the T as per protocols that the agents follow except, Om falls in love with Shazia.

Shazia is visually impaired post a traumatic past in Rawalpindi and is currently based in Argentina. Falling in love with a complete stranger, Om was never on her card as well. However, they are unable to avoid succumbing to the fierce attraction between them as they plan on being official soulmates.

Fate however has different plans and Om and his team are caught in a web of betrayal, and deceit that will end with only bloodshed.

Does Om succeed in preventing a terror catastrophe and have his happily ever after with Shazia?

The author has managed to bring out beautifully, Om’s RAW unexpected emotions for Shazia, as well as Shazia’a vulnerability after knowing Om’s real identity. I was left wanting more of the two!!!


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