Book Review: LA JAVVAAB Pizza


  1. Prahlad Hegde
  2. Jacob John
  3. Anamika Kundu
  4. Venkat Balantrapu
  5. Vishwanathan Iyer
  6. Amisha Shah
  7. Aparna Salvi Nagda
  8. Bhumii R Parwani

This book is a collection of 8 short stories, each metaphorically based on the 8 chief ingredients in making a pizza. The acronym LA JAVVAAB represents each author. Just as the name suggests each component has its unique flavor that adds value to a pizza so does the associated tale.

The story mainly follows an Italian Elena Berlusconi who arrives in Bombay looking towards unraveling the success stories behind the pizza chains in the city. The chef gets chatting with her and in turn, takes her through the intriguing journey of the tales behind each ingredient.

Each story brings with it an exemplary emotional quotient that tugs your heartstrings and makes you want more. Whether it’s the story of the survival of the fittest in Bombay’s underworld or Jhumroo’s meteoric rise in the proverbial scandalous hierarchy, or whether its the gur-wrenching turn of events in Keshavji’s life filling it with abandonment and loneliness or the melancholic narrative of Chameli and her life on the other side of societal virtue, each story stands out on its own. The addition of poetic presentations adds to the literary hue, enriching the reading experience just like Elena relishes her pizza.

Here’s wishing the authors a sequel to this one!

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