Book Review: On The Trial of Thugs and Thieves (true accounts of crime from the Hindi Heartland)

Authors: Aloke Lal and Maanas Lal

This is my second book from the author duo, and on hearing the title, my expectations skyrocketed. They didn’t disappoint. This book was unputdownable from the go. Every chapter is a thrilling tale from a posting of Aloke Lal sir who is a retired police officer
(Director General).  For instance the sinister plot in the garb of looters from Nepal or How a rottweiler ‘dug’ deep enough to expose the thief and got out more skeletons from his closet. My personal favourite was about the woman named Samundari and her character shaping out in particular. (no spoilers here!!)

While every story brings about the problem-solving parameters of the force, it also shows us the raw appeal of the Hindi heartland despite our reservations or prejudices. The ingenious heists conducted would give an intelligent professional a run for his money. The authors have given a picturesque touch to the book that takes the reader on a trip to all those crime scenes and one feels like he is a part of the problem-solving force!!

The language is filled with witty and humorous elements that have left me smiling long after I have finished the book. A very interesting read!

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