Book Review: Siddhartha Street

Author: Sudha Yadav

Have you ever imagined a street being personified? A street is a mute spectator to everything that transpires on it, complete life cycles and a gamut of emotions.

The Author has brilliantly brought out these occurrences through her characters who are residents of the street. There are ten short stories documenting and amalgamating the emotional roller coasters in the lives of these characters, respectively.

Be it a gathering of men on a rooftop with varied reactions to their life challenges, after a drinking binge, or a broken single mother who struggles to run her ironing shop so her daughter doesn’t face the same predicament she did, or a maid who has risen from the ashes after her husband was killed by the local goon and children deserted her, or the perils of a retired couple…. each story is weaved in a unique yarn of susceptibilities. Each story tugs at your heartstrings and the authors writing style is exemplary.

I loved how the author built the premise on mundane occurrences of daily life. I was reminded of ‘Malgudi days’ and ‘Nukkad’ (those who grew up in the late 80s or 90s would know what these are)


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