Book Review: The Tomb of God

Author: Victor Ghoshe

In a single word if this awesome book has to be described, its… A Sojourn.

It’s a journey that takes you through various twists and turns of history and one can’t help but marvel at the author’s intelligence and creativity.

This is conspiracy theory at its best.

The book begins with a suspicious blast in the desert where the deceased man had found out about some buried artifacts and had begun the process of informing certain higherups in a bid to strike gold.

There is also a massacre at a Mesopotamian excavation site that leaves presumably every member of the team dead, except for a lone woman, Marina. Team lead Dr. Huntley is missing. Parallelly, Dr. Huntley’s emergency contacts—Eric, Aurin, and Father Smit, set off on a journey to find their missing mentor and friend, albeit separately.

But all of them along with Marina run into several roadblocks and multiple sinister plots. The enemy won’t stop at anything to protect the secrets. The seekers realize that the priceless finds would open Pandora’s box that shouldn’t be revealed to the world and it has dire consequences.

Writing a story that unfolds at different points isn’t an easy feat. That too when there is a conspiracy theory involved where the author had to link the occurrences to a four-thousand-year-old history. The finding is as simple as a cuneiform inscription on an ancient tablet. But the author has brilliantly built the story around it that leaves the reader spellbound.

Kudos to the author for bringing to the forefront the enigmas of a forgotten civilization buried beneath the sands of time. The author has also brought alive the beautiful landscapes across deserts in Iraq and also back home in Thar. The book is picturesque and character development is splendid even as the plot keeps you on your toes!

The research is commendable. A must-read if you want to work those grey cells!!!



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