Book Review: The Unburn Desire

Author: Karan Bhatia

Do you believe in life after death? How does Karma play a role in it all? What exactly determines the inevitable journey in the cycle of life and death? These questions are hard-hitting but the author in this piece of fiction has demonstrated the sojourn heavily basing it on science and conviction.

Roy has been through a lot… he was not even 13 when he lost his only confidante, his older brother in a drowning accident for which he has blamed himself all his life. He thought his Army man father was indifferent to him, eventually losing him in the Kargil war. To escape from it all he ran away figuratively and literally. Parallely, Allison, a UK-based activist comes to India, and Roy and Allison become housemates in Bangalore. Allison carries personal baggage from back home and is seeking answers too…

There is a thread that binds them all. Roy, after many years, confronts reality back home and discovers the truth about his deceased brother and father. Engulfed by guilt, he decides to commemorate his father by penning a memoir. But disaster strikes yet again and Roy finds himself in another realm…

Does this process help him discover the ultimate truth? Can he finish his pending karma? How does his soul eventually attain salvation, which we mortals often speak about?

The author has made a brilliant attempt to explain the entire process in a light-hearted manner. The book gives us food for thought and makes us ponder!


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