Book Review: Who Wants to Marry Kai Juicewalla?

Author: Kainaz Jussawalla

The memoir is a laugh riot and the author has poured her heart out completely. She has laid her cards open and left them for the reader to form their opinions!

Kai Juicewalla is a born foodie and a self-confessed die-hard SRK fan who lives in the fairytale Bollywood world where she hopes to find her Mr. Perfect someday. She is curvy and absolutely unapologetic about it even going on to make a career as a flight attendant amidst hourglass mannequins. The book is a chronicled journey about Kai’s life so far where she meanders her way to finding her soulmate, the one for her. What follows is a string of bullies, losers, gold diggers, an Italian Adonis (with a mystery of his own), A confused but hot therapist, a narcissist with anger issues, an identity-conflicted individual, and also an unrequited love interest. It appears that she is destined to always crash and burn every time she pursues a potential suitor.

However, Kai realizes eventually that it’s important to love yourself first, and the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Kudos to the author for brazenly putting her life out there with the details and though many of us only dream about them, she had the courage to write them down. Those of us who have battled the bulge or have been body-shamed can relate to the memoir. Though it’s infused with humor at every stance, kai has used the camouflage perfectly to hide the underneath agony a woman goes through. Yet it has been subtly tackled.

A breezy read for the weekend over cups of tea!!!

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