Six months later

Kajal stirred as she felt a sharp prod at her lower back. A warm hand snaked its way up, cupping her globe, and pulled at her taut nipple even as the throes of an early morning orgasm began to take root in her belly… KB kissed her bare shoulder from behind her and pushed his other hand beneath her body. With the other hand, he lifted her thigh even as she hooked it behind his waist and his full mast member soon slid its way into her softness.

He barely rocked a few times, and Kajal screamed his name as waves of ecstasy surged through her body, leaving her shuddering. Then, before she could climb down the zenith or passion, he gently bit her shoulder and gushed his release into her wetness.

They remained like that for a while and Kajal was startled as the alarm rang. KB chuckled as he pulled out and turned her over to face him. She loved his early morning look free of worries and the soft stubble covering his face, which she loved to touch. She loved to draw her fingers through his thick mane, which was unkept in the morning. She drove an index finger from his forehead and touched his lip. He sucked it in, and she gasped.

This was a routine morning ritual for the last six months and Kajal never got tired of it. During the day he was KB the superstar to the world but at night, he was a mean machine in bed and Kajal too looked forward for the same.

As KB reluctantly walked into the attached bathroom, Kajal smiled staring at his well-toned bare backside… it aroused her like no end and she knew she wouldn’t get out of the room if she gave in to her lust!! Well that’s what KB did to her… turned her into a lusty vixen.

Kajal’s eyes fell on the date and she sighed. It was precisely six months ago that everything had crumbled for Ramanrao Pradhan and they had finally got the much-needed closure. She had been worried about Krunal and KB. But Krunal had shown great maturity for his age and was devoted to studies.

KB, however, was an emotional wreck for the next month or so… He took a break from work and would frequently cry. She took a leave of absence and Rugved was kind enough to permit her. She dragged KB to a clinical psychologist and helped him get out of depression. He had to be medicated for his insomnia which kept him up all night and was taking a toll on his health, not to mention Kajal would worry too and not sleep. But she supported him and they exercised together. They talked a lot and she took care of his food. They frequently visited his aaji. And last month the deed to the Mudh Island property finally got through and KB was the proud owner of the entire property. He was soon to launch his dream project that would generate employment to many locals. He and Kajal had visited the place to a warm welcome by KB’s childhood friends.

KB had slowly come out of depression and his medication was now reduced to the bare minimum. She still took him for couple counseling and KB was also a part of a support group that had many of his fans. Kajal was thrilled to see him progress. He rarely got nightmares and if he did she was there to hold him till he slept off… She was madly in love with him and hoped this dream that she lived would be a permanent fixture and not end in a few months.

Her exams were due next month and KB saw to it that she studied regularly. Rugved called her often asking about her well-being and even visited them once. KB recently did a free photoshoot for a special anniversary release of Sharanya productions in the memory of the young girl who lost her life in an attack by a twisted mind. Though Rugved was cordial with KB for Kajal’s sake, she knew there still lay a few undercurrents that blamed KB for what had happened to his sister. When the press released the news about the accident that was never reported, Sharanya’s classmate came forward and revealed she had a crush on KB, who was her senior in the same school.  She had gone to investigate about her pen pal… but accidentally got her drink spiked and KB being there made her lose her senses…

Kajal hoped that someday Rugved may bring himself to understand KB wasn’t at fault…

She was on contraceptive pills but hoped to get off them once KB tore off their contract that still lay in his locker. She had her copy too tucked away in the corner of her suitcase. KB had been planning something in secret with Krunal for her birthday next month and she was on the seventh heaven. She wanted to live in the moment and not think ahead.

Ramanrao was sick after he had given up eating and even had to be hospitalized. He never recovered from his wife’s death. With all the evidence, there was any way not much he could do. He didn’t even appoint a lawyer for himself. None of his relatives or friends came forward even to meet him in prison. It was like he too had given up the fight and Kajal had recently seen him in the news as he was brought in handcuffs for a court hearing. He was the skeletal form of his old self with an emotionless face. She last heard he was in solitary confinement after some convicts tried to harm him. She only felt a little for his wife… after all Uma aunty was her mom’s friend and in her death, she had given them a huge gift.

The police found skeletons literally buried under the factory… So Kajal and KB arranged for the mass funeral of all the unsung bodies, one of which was her mother’s.

KB’s mama, Subodh Deshmukh too was arrested after his role in the attack on KB was confirmed. The police also recovered evidence on women and child trafficking from Ramanrao’s residence, which they now shared with Interpol. The last huge consignment which had children was confiscated by the coast guard and sent to the nearest harbor. The children were treated and fed before they were sent to their parents back to their country. Many of them who were orphans were being handled by different organizations in the country where they landed.

Kajal walked into the kitchen to prepare KB’s favourite breakfast, kanda poha… Life had come a full circle. She placed the milk to boil and walked towards the window, watching the world rousing from its slumber. She thought about her chance meeting with KB and how she became his bride by chance… she fell in love with him by chance and now she wanted to be in his heart all her life. To grow old with him to make a family with him… would that happen? In her heart she knew it would…

Ardent prayers never went unanswered

Arduous efforts bringing about their own  dance.

Scattered pieces of life they have now gathered

The serendipitous galore, she was a Bride by Chance!


She stared at the article online. It was accompanied with a picture of the beautiful couple. Her fury rose its ugly head. She was sick and tired of reading about KB and his dimwitt wife… They were called a power couple. POWER? Bullshit. She knew Kb better than anyone else.

He was a whacko… she had seen to it those days. But then he was going out of hand and she needed her space. She fell for someone else who was more successful and richer. But the asshole ditched her. KB was now a multi-millionaire and she deserved that wealth.

She looked around her dingy studio apartment. She wilted away in this hellhole while that bitch Kajal enjoyed the fruits of the foundation she had set. She was the one who introduced KB to the special club and now she lived on scraps.

No this wouldn’t do. She had tried to text him and called him so many times a couple of years ago and he had threatened to use a restraining order against her. She would now use her trump card.

She smirked and opened the rickety drawer and took out the envelope. This had just arrived last month… something she had been waiting for ages and finally got it. KB would have no option but to give her what she wanted.

She would soon be a rich woman… very soon!


Author note:

Dear readers,

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love showered on the characters as well as for your immense encouragement in the form of comments and personal messages. I may not have responded to all of them but I have read every one of them and I thank you so much. They mean a lot.

I have received tremendous love and support from all you readers from when I first wrote ‘Traded’ two years ago. I have come a long way and as I put the finishing touches to my second novel for publishing, I want to acknowledge you all for being a  part of my journey.

Bride by chance- once again, will come soon after I submit my manuscript to the publisher. I have a deadline for that.

So in the first week of December or a little before that, I shall begin the story. It’s a short one though taking Kajal and KB ahead.

Till then… everyone take care and wish you all a very happy Diwali!!



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  1. Excellent story with so many emotions involved……. Loved kajal and Krish in everyway
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