happily ever after…


The engagement day arrived quicker than she had expected. She quit her job at the Patels who were more than happy for her. She became best friends with James who had stood by her though her difficult time. He was the one who had given her Patel home address to Ranvijay.  In fact he and Prasad were doing the engagement arrangements. The ceremony was simple considering her health. She had a couple of bouts of dizziness which the doctor had pointed to too much of excitement. So Ranvijay had declared a low key affair. She had absolutely no say in that.

Namrata couldn’t stop smiling…. Every puzzle had fallen in its place. The love between Ranvijay and her only grew stronger each day. It was torturous for her to stay without him… He doted on her even more especially since he had got to know of his impending fatherhood.  She often found him staring at her or touching her belly with tears in his eyes. She didn’t have to ask him why… she knew it. She felt the same too…

Shweta was helping Namrata get ready. She wore a beautiful off-white lehenga with minimal makeup. Shweta was giving her tips on handling her pregnancy. She was grateful for having a wonderful soul like Shweta to talk to. Since the men in their lives shared a common background, it was easy for them to connect as well. For a change there was no deception or hiding…

A little before the ceremony, Ranvijay wanted to see her alone. He came to her room in the hotel where they were to get engaged. When they were alone, he handed a set of papers to her.

She opened and saw they were stamp papers. “What is this darling?” she asked

“Your father had a dream… for him, for you and your brother. He had worked very hard for that venture at that time. Had it gone through we would have all made huge gains… I couldn’t do much then but this is a small gift to you which should fulfil some of his dreams. ‘For you forever’ is now yours.”

“WHAT?” she squealed

He hugged her when he saw she was fighting tears. “Hey … little sparrow … don’t…waste those tears. No one but you can run that enterprise better. You have it in you. And do you want to know who is the overall manager/supervisor for the company? Its James… I trust him… so do you…You will need help when you study and when junior arrives …” He lovingly touched her belly through her dress.

She hugged him tight as tears fell remembering her father…

A little later they were engaged in front of select friends.

They finally traded… but this time they traded rings and promises…to each other…

It was a trade no doubt but the balance was tilted their way forever…

thank you Kunal for the lovely poem…

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author

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  1. My dear priya
    Read it “Traded”.
    Started yesterday evening, was very gripping.
    Didn’t want to keep down, but sleep took me over so could only read 10chapters.
    Today completed and enjoyed to the core.
    It is so beautifully penned.
    The story is weaved brilliantly.
    The language is beautiful.
    You are an awesome writer.
    God bless your writing.
    Write more and entertain more. ❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰


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