Hotel Adventures With the Stars

Author: L. Aruna Dhir

The book is non-fiction chronicling the author’s riveting rendezvous with the panoramic celebrity ilk. She had the opportunity (some of which she created) courtesy of her prolific career in the hospitality industry.

I was particularly fascinated by how the author managed to get out the true personalities of the revered and idolised individuals. We realize that celebrities are like ordinary humans in flesh and blood!

Some of her encounters tickle your funny bone, like that of Jackie Shroff (Apna bhidu!) while some are poignantly candid like the one with Zohra Sehgal.

Aruna has successfully brought out the nuances in each and every aspect of those experiences and every paragraph fills you with intrigue.

Though lucid, the language levels in the book are high and the book is recommended even for those who want to learn the art of storytelling.


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