intruder strikes…

Chapter 33

Avanti typed in the access code at their home… she was all excited with the happenings of the day. In the enthusiastic fervour she failed to notice the inner door already ajar a bit… she walked in through the door and placed down the heavy bag full of vegetables and other groceries she had purchased for today’s dinner and also in advance for Kamya and Sahil who were to visit them tomorrow. Just as she entered the house and was about to set back the alarm, her phone rang. It was Keshav and she smiled as she answered it.

“…Hey all OK… did you have lunch on time…?”

“…yes Avanti… why did you leave alone for home…? You could have come back to Vedshastra…” he seemed anxious which was understood given the break-ins they had.

“…Its alright dear… I am home already and staring dinner…”

“…Ok… I will be late… there is some…glitch…”

That deflated her spirits. “…Oh no…what’s wrong Keshav…? Did the black-book not contain what was needed…?”

“…No…no… its great… but it’s taking longer than expected and I have to be here till we take a break… Akshat is here with me too…I will be late so take care of yourself ok…?”

“…yes Keshav… I am good… you just take care of things there…alright…? And text me when you are leaving for home… I will be waiting for you…”

Avanti disconnected the call and walked towards the drawing room, placing the bags one at a time on the dining table. She sighed looking at her purchases. She was going to take a while to put them away but now that Keshav was taking time… she didn’t have to hurry. It was almost dark now and she moved to switch on the lights but right then her eyes fell on the water jar and she realised she was parched. As she was about to pour water in the glass, she saw a shadow and a black reflection in the glass almost simultaneously. She dropped the glass shattering it into pieces and tried turning around but before that the intruder held her mouth shut from the back. She saw the jar right in front and without thinking she raised it and hit the man behind her. He stumbled behind in pain and she immediately seized the moment to run from the side ways. But he was quick too and blocked the entrance. She couldn’t see him clearly and only his silhouette in the dark corner of the room as he stood with his hands spread wide blocking her exit… she was trapped. He was covered in black overalls and the head had something like a bulge near the forehead. What the hell was he wearing…?

 “…Who…who are you…? What do…do you want…?” she tried asking him gathering every ounce of courage she could gather. The day long trails had tired her to the core and she was too worn-out to try anything…not that she could match the man’s strength. Her jaw still throbbed where he had held her moments ago.

But the man didn’t speak anything he just began to move slowly towards her. As he got close, she moved backwards deeper into the darkened drawing room shadows. She wasn’t aware of how much he knew the layout but she was very familiar. But what could she do besides not tumble down on the floor…? she had to think fast… She looked around and her eyes fell on the mirror reflecting the little light coming in from the crevices in the curtain. She had seen the mirror today morning as well and it had given her the crucial clue… because she had seen the gym… yes…. Gym… she now knew what she had to do.  In the next moment she moved close to the gym and opening the door she got inside quickly and shut the door locking it immediately. She heard the man rush towards her as he banged against the couch and the centre table… with her heart thudding she heard him mumble what she thought were curses and finally as he reached the door, he started to bang on it. She rushed to the cupboard placed up right in front and pressed the code 147823… she was glad she could remember it in spite of her nervousness. Keshav had made her memorise the number quite a few times and though she had jested all those times about his so-called paranoia she as more than glad now. Her fingers trembled as she put in the numbers and waited for the cupboard to click open. It took forever and her heart kept skipping a beat every time the deranged intruder tried hitting the door or kicking it and at one instance, she heard him try something which appeared to be picking the lock and her heart stopped. Thankfully he couldn’t do anything and the cupboard door creaked open. She quickly picked the receiver of that phone and dialled 900 as Keshav had instructed. In the next minute or so, she heard alarms blare outside and the door banging ceased. She placed the phone back on the receiver and shut her ears as she slipped down against the cupboard and crouched on the floor holding her legs close to her body.

The adrenaline must have done a number on her, she felt bile rise up her throat and soon it was black everywhere.

She ran through the forest even as the man in black followed her, gravel and dried leaves crunching heavily amidst the sounds of hooting coming in from a distance… the man was sure to catch up on her but she had to get to the fire…still at a distance. Her baba needed her… she had to talk to him as well… Oh God… Suddenly there was a blast and the ball of fire rose up to the sky… ‘Baba….no…baba….’

‘Avanti…Avanti…. open the door…’ Why was Keshav in the forest… oh God the door … the plane had blown up already what door and how could she reach… she was suddenly standing still fixed to the ground unable to move. She tried to scream but voice froze in her throat. What could she do now…? ‘Avanti…Avanti darling…?’

The banging intensified and Avanti jerked up awake.  “Avanti…please open the door…are you alright…?” Keshav was yelling. Though she was now awake she had frozen on the floor in the gym. She was disoriented and suddenly the door opened with a thud. She looked up in a daze to see Keshav and Akshat along with a couple of men yielding guns. They all moved away and only Keshav rushed in. “…Avanti…oh God…sweetheart… are you hurt…?” He came close to her and as he touched her shoulders, all hell broke lose and she sprang into his arms holding him tight as she circled her arms around him. She sobbed into his neck as he held her close and rubbed her back. They were there together on the floor for a long time. And finally, as she composed herself, he helped her stand and they moved out into the living room.

The others had gone but Akshat was still present and offered then a hot cup of tea. She gratefully accepted it as she sipped, it helped calm her down and also rationalise her thoughts. Keshav was thank fully right next to her. Avanti placed the cup on the table and looked up at Akshat. He was ready with his laptop. He explained that the man had jammed the signals but it was limited to a particular duration. This time they had caught the guy on camera but because it was dark, they couldn’t make out anything besides his silhouette. But one thing was for sure she had hit him hard to cause him to be disoriented badly… his balance was affected bigtime. Did she really hit him that hard…?

“Keshav…Akshat… something isn’t right still…I didn’t hit him hard enough to cause so much of issues … he looks sick to me… like kind of drunk…but he wasn’t…I didn’t smell anything when he held…”

They looked at the footage once again and then Avanti realised what had happened. “…look here… I hit him…it missed his head but I am sure I actually hit something hard…. He moved backwards as if in pain… no idea what hurt or broke or whatever… there was something on his head… what must have been hit…?” She looked up at Akshat who was still staring at the footage that she had paused, while Keshav was fuming in rage. It was as if he wanted to lash out and if he could reach the guy through the screen, he would have done just that. They called it a day and Akshat ordered men to be posted right outside their compound perimeter on all sides. They didn’t know how the intruder came in but he left through the exit door. The terrace door was still locked and there was no sign of tampering…it would have triggered the alarm… Akshat promised to look into the footage again and rechecked the alarms all over before he left. It was close to 11PM now. Avanti stood up and waited as Keshav came back after walking Akshat to the door. He moved towards her and pulled her close to him kissing her on the head.

She was exhausted and didn’t even have an appetite but Keshav made quick omelettes for them and buttered toast, which they wolfed down with a glass of hot milk. He held her hand as she walked in auto pilot into their bedroom and lay in his arms. She had thought she would sleep instantly but it wasn’t to be… “Keshav…”

“…Yea…?” he whispered into her ear as she felt his warm breath on her ear and neck.

“…How did you come…I mean… I dialled the number you had told me…” Avanti explained what had happened as well.

“…Avanti I was just getting out of the lab to come home when my mobile buzzed indicating the signal for the siren. Akshat was there as well and he got it too. He was in touch with the commandos he had put on stand-by who rushed in here… by the time they used the code and got into the house the intruder as gone… but Avanti…” He held her closer from behind and dug his head in her hair. “…I couldn’t breathe till I reached home and found you safe…it was like…I don’t know… I just felt I should call that man and give away everything to him… my treatment be damned…I can’t lose you Avanti…”

She turned into his arms and held his face wiping the silent tears that escaped the corner of his eyes even as he had tried to blink them away. “Keshav…look at me…” She raised her chin and kissed his forehead. “…Keshav I know you have faced hard times all your life…which makes you…insecure…but then those hardest of times also gave you greatest moments of your life …didn’t they…?” He didn’t reply just shut his eyes to prevent the onslaught of tears. She continued to rub a stray tear away and said. “…Keshav for me…you are my Phoenix who has risen from ashes…you are a warrior… and you have made me strong as well… I wasn’t that very scared today… because I trust you and your abilities…”

 He crushed his lips on hers and this time he didn’t take his time to explore gently but he was ravaging her mouth… it was as if a long time of pent up molten emotions yearned for eruption… he poured it all as he devoured her. He was soon on top of her crushing her into the soft bed as he held her hands above her head… his favourite anchoring with her as well as hers beneath him. He released her swollen mouth as he rose up and stared into her eyes, panting after he had barely been breathing. “Avanti…” he whispered. “…Avanti…I …I want you right now… I want to feel you… you are really here with me…”

She knew what he meant and she needed the release too. “…Keshav…” she said, barely able to hear her own voice. “…Keshav …just…take me already…”

That was all he wanted to hear and in the next minute their clothes were off…she even tore of a button of her Kurta in her zealous urge to get rid of it…to feel his taut muscles. He moved towards her legs even as she moaned in complaint… and lifted her legs spreading them wide as he moved closer to her apex. She looked with hooded eyes to see his member rock solid jutting out sparkling with that drop of precum… He was all ready and she lifted her torso holding the back-rest board for support above her. He looked into her eyes and while she tried to fathom the expression in those beautiful browns he moved a little more and slammed into her pushing her body all the way upwards by almost a foot… She was filled to the brim and the sense of completion of her being overwhelmed her to the core. So much so that she could feel the rivulets of passion spasming upwards from her abdomen right then. He emerged out and she could see the sheen of sweat on his brow and chest shining as a collective layer in the glow of the soft candescent night lamp placed at a distance.  His face was contorted and she could see him struggle to rein in his control.

“…Keshav…” She panted his name. “…Darling… just let go…”

He grunted as he moved his to and fro motion rocking her world in everyway just like he had ever since she had first met him. She tried to hold back her release but couldn’t and shattered the next moment screaming out his name while he followed her in the next couple of strokes grunting her name aloud as he spilled his warm seed inside her… He fell on the bed besides her and held her close. Avanti knew it wasn’t the last that night… they both needed each other more than ever. Intimacy was more than just physical union, it was an assurance that they were alive and had fought through the test of time and the challenges together, emerging victorious.

They slept almost immediately wrapped in each other’s arms, their legs intertwined. A couple of hours later Avanti woke up in the dark with only the ticklish feel of his chest against her soft skin. She couldn’t see well but she knew he was awake. He held her and pulled her above him in a shot and she giggled at the sudden movement. She could feel the prodding near her lower abdomen and didn’t need any more signals. She positioned herself on him as the entire length of him fit right inside her as if her deepest hollows were tailor made for his stalk. He held her hips and she moved up and down rhythmically placing her hands on his chest. She even pinched his pebbled tits eliciting a throaty moan that melted her insides. Very soon she ran out of breath and he put her right down as he continued the rocking missionary movement. In the next two-three strokes they came together as he belted out his release warming her core, even as her walls spasmed around him milking him dry.

They both made it to the attached bathroom where he ran a hot water bath for them. They stood below the shower as he lathered up soap on the fluff and rubbed her all over not missing any tiny nook or corner of her body. She repeated the same and it didn’t need much for her to realise how aroused Keshav was. She circled his neck and kissed him, the rough wet beard brushing her now sensitively swollen lips, even as the hot water cascaded around them. He lifted her up against the tiled wall and as her legs circled his hips for support, he slammed into her. They continued to kiss as she dug her fingers in his wet hair while he kept on with his constant movement in and out of her now sore apex. But this was a pain accompanied by immense pleasure and she came crying into his mouth the very next moment, followed by him closely after. After washing each other, Keshav patted her dry and covered her with a bath robe before covering his hips with another bath towel and together they walked back into the bedroom for their much-awaited sleep.

Avanti was all in smiles as sleep now totally claimed her. She was in the arms of the man she loved more than life itself and irrespective of what transpired today evening, tomorrow promised a new beginning…. Especially for Keshav, both at work and personally as she awaited Kamya and Sahil to join them that night…

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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