My entry for the short story contest:

NO means NO…

Revati emerged out from the posh Alvira housing society gates well into the night. It was post 2 AM and she was in a rush to reach home. Her body was all sore with the grind she had been put through the last four hours but the job paid well and she needed every penny for her little Guddi’s heart surgery. Revati strutted towards the auto stand and was glad to see Maganbhai her neighbor autorickshaw driver.  Spotting her from the long distance he waved and got into the three-wheeler to keep it ready. Revati’s figure-hugging shimmering gown prevented long strides in the painful stilettoes, now digging into her feet. She had to pass a small stretch of the lane in dark, the streetlight gone kaput. Holding her clutch close to her full bosom she quickened up her pace.

Suddenly she felt another presence and before she could react a rough hand cupped her mouth painfully and muffled her cries for help. The man reeked of alcohol and drugs and she was motionless as he crushed her close to him. She felt his rigid hard-on prodding her lower back and was instantly repulsed. Her heart raced millions of miles per second as he groped her breast. Turning her towards the wall he slammed into her mouth making her taste blood “NO…NO…”  she screamed. But he tore her gown outraging her modesty… Right then the attacker was lifted off her as a burly Magan pulled the man. Soon the night patrol police constable arrived and signaled for his partner and in the next few minutes a little crowd of curious nocturnal onlookers filled her perimeter, more interested in what lay beneath the torn gown. The policeman held the perp by the collar and slapped him.

The man stood wavering. “…she is… Rosy… a bloody call girl… what difference does one more make tonight….?” he spoke in his drunken rage, spittle flying through his wasted mouth.

The policeman slapped him two more times. “…irrespective of the time… or the woman’s professional choice… when a woman says No… it’s a NO…”

Magan took Revati away…

© All rights reserved with the Author and no part of this can be copied or published anywhere without the author’s consent

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