Preeti gets kidnapped…

Chapter 33

Preeti woke up next morning to a feeling of shiver… she couldn’t fathom if she had a nightmare or not. But she knew without looking around that Gautam wasn’t in the room. She sat up and stretched. She hugged her naked torso and looked down at her sore nipples. The red marks still evident. She remembered the earlier evening with a blush spreading on her face; yearn for him clenching her insides. She had to press her inner thighs against each other to control the burst of climax threatening the doorsteps of her apex.

She fell back on the bed spreading her arms on his huge bed. She pulled his pillow on her face taking in his scent… Oh God how much she missed him already… she smiled.

She remembered asking him about the red marks on his chest that she had seen on couple of occasions. She wanted the details yesterday. He had hesitated but she had held his hands and looked into his beautiful eyes and said… “No more secrets…” He had hugged her and had revealed the self-punishment lessons he had been taught by his mentor, and how he had practised it. She had cried for him and had vowed to change the release pattern from self- punishment to passion. On her insistence he had taken her to his red room. She saw the gleam in his eyes and instantly knew what gave him gratification. However twisted it may have seemed she knew she would make it pleasurable for him. She wanted to be his submissive…as she had read about it. But he was adamant because of her hand. She knew in her heart… that’s what he had wanted.  She wore the special leather outfit barely covering anything on her body.

He had said, “Preeti… I am going to increase the pleasure and pain combination little by little… you have to tell me when it reaches your threshold…i.e. when you feel you can’t have it anymore… just say… ‘RED’” She had nodded.

He had inserted something like a little metal ball into her soft sheath down and the two threads like parts touched her clitoris. She was already wet with anticipation… He then got the nipple clamps and put them on either of her breasts. He had said it would pain but she wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of the piercing sensation on her nipples. He stood before her in his nude glory…already at full mast. He held the remote control for the ball inside her and another rope for her clamps. She stood holding the nightstand. And he instructed her to bend down as she exposed her backside to his waiting hands.

She heard him take something from the closet behind. In the next moment without warning there was a thump on her entrance. Wait…. Did he hit her? But instead of the pain it gave her a strange sensation… and to her surprise she wanted more. And then she felt the vibration inside her…her walls were being stimulated all at once… Her indents were being touched upon continuously…oh God… But the moment she tried to arch her back the clamps dug deep and she yelped. He increased the vibration and once again she felt the soft whip land on her apex… But when she moved in reaction to the heavenly sensation the clamps brought her back…

The series continued till she exploded… time and again…and the pain only intensifying the pleasure she had. He released her soon and dropped her on the bed on her back. The next moment he slammed into her taking in her sore nipples into his mouth to soothe them but which only aroused her all the more.  She shattered within four strokes of his huge manhood and he didn’t last much and her insides clenched once again. He screamed her name as he came with his release gushing into her womanhood… He held her to him tightly…

He had cleaned her with a wet cloth and carried her to his room where they had a proper bath. Rather, he gave her a bath… her skin coming up alive as his rough palms touched each and every inch of her soft flesh. She had climaxed on him as the hot shower water cascaded on them joined together… He had looked into her eyes and said, “Preeti… I…I love you darling… I love you…”

She had cried and hugged him tightly as he had finally pumped a last time and released himself. Finally he had said the golden words she had longed to hear. She knew he loved her… but hearing it from the horse’s mouth gave her a strange sense of fulfilment.

She was smiling all the way to the kitchen today to fix her something. She had freshened up and was checking on her bandage. Her heart melted thinking of how careful he had been throughout last evening,  not to exert pressure on her hand or get the bandage wet. She wiped the tears away and picked up the tea pot. Her eyes fell on the note stuck on the refrigerator. She smiled once again. Her man didn’t like to text, he preferred to write. She kissed the note and took it to the counter where she sat and began to read.

Hey love…

Have a meeting … couldn’t be postponed. Will be back ASAP. The signing will be done tomorrow… rest up…it’s a long drive tomorrow…

P.S. breakfast on the counter in the casserole.


She smiled shaking her head. She opened the casserole to see her favourite Gobi parathas. Her man was spoiling her rotten she thought.

As she finished her breakfast her phone rang. She rushed to the bedroom where she had left it charging. Panting she saw the call was from her maternal home. Who was calling she thought with a pang of home sickness.



“Yash bhai…is that you?”

“Yea… uh… can we meet? There is something important I have to tell you.”

What did he want?

“..How is maasa… ma, tayiji…”

“…Preeti everyone’s doing fine… I just have to speak with you…”

“Um…ok Yash Bhai… come home.” She loved to call this place home. She thought smiling.

“… No Preeti not at your home. Can you come over to Alwar bypass road? There is this new Kopcha café . It…uh…belongs to a friend of mine. There won’t be any disturbance and they have your favourite Irish coffee as well…”

Preeti was stunned. Yash had remembered her favourite coffee type. She knew as kids they wold force Sukhi uncle to get them goodies on cheat days when their parents permitted. It was rare but she always ordered Irish coffee. Her eyes filled and she pinched her nose.

“..ok…Yashbhai… see you in half an hour?”

“Ok Preeti..thanks..”

She was in a lovely place with her husband… now only if she could bridge the gap with her maternal home…at least with her cousins then things would be falling in place. She was glad she was meeting Yash. At least she could warn him about someone probably using the rifle. Maybe he could throw some light on what was happening?

She quickly dressed and Bhim Singh drove her to the venue.

She pulled out her mobile en route and checked if Gautam had texted. There were no new messages. She was a little disappointed but that’s how he was… she wished she could finish the signing ASAP so that he could finally meet his mother. Her eyes welled up thinking about how much he had suffered. A fresh wave of giddiness passed her and she tried to calm down by deep breathing.

She wondered if she should cancel the meet with Yash but she needed answers as well.

And now Yash was the only one who had some of those answers…

She reached Kopcha café and BhimSingh was asked to park it in their official parking spot that was a little away. He wasn’t happy but she assured him she was in the café with her cousin and that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides she had his number on speed dial. He reluctantly agreed and left for the parking. It was 10.30 AM and the café had probably just opened for business. There was no one at the entrance. Was Yash waiting inside? She decided to walk in.

She turned to go inside when suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind, he held her right arm sending excruciating pain throughout her body from her wound. Before she could realise what was happening the another hand clamped her face and she felt the wet cloth on her nose… She heard a vehicle come over as rough pair of hands pushed her inside and the doors closed.

“Sorry Preeti… you left me with no choice…” She heard Yash, his words fading into the distance as darkness took over.

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author

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