secrets tumbling out….

Chapter 30

Preeti was suddenly woken up by a clicking sound. She jerked up and massaged a kink in her neck. She was on the drawing room couch waiting for Gautam where she must have fallen asleep.  She stood and straightened her satin night gown which she had picked from the options in the cupboard. She waited as she heard the footsteps. She saw his silhouette enter the room and halt… as he caught her standing in the dark. He moved back to the entrance and switched on the light. She squinted at the sudden onslaught on her vision. His eyes narrowed as he saw her in the skimpy outfit.

He cleared his throat. “Why are you still awake Preeti…?”

“ …I was waiting for you…”

“…I had told you not to…” He abruptly said

“…but I wanted to…” She was not the one to let go.

He held his hands on his hips and moved towards her. She folded her hands and winced at the sudden pull in her injured hand. Suddenly he was next to her. Gently holding her right elbow he looked at the bandage intensely. “Dr, Shekhawat had said you were fine. Is it still bad?” he asked gently.

She raised her other hand to cup his cheek. “I am absolutely fine and I have a surprise for you…” Before he could react she held his hand and dragged him to the dining table. She switched on the lights in the area to reveal a beautiful cake decorated by… Oh God…fondant whips cuffs and ropes. He couldn’t help but smile and that lit up his face.

She gave him a knife and held his palm around it as they cut the cake together. She removed a neatly cut piece and held it close to his mouth as he took a bite. He took the piece from her hand and held it out for her to take a bite. Not only did she eat it, she also licked the cream off his fingers… He shook his head smiling licked his fingers all over again staring at her with those beautiful brown orbs. Preeti blushed and looked down at her feet.

He came closer mere inches from her body. He held her chin with is bent index finger and raised her face up…

“What is all this Preeti?” He asked so softly she curled her toes to fight the sensation running through her body.

“Just… just a little celebration…”

“…and…what is the celebration about?”

“…um… what about the return of happy times?”

Gautam stared into her eyes intently. “Preeti…what’s going on?”

“Gautam consider this a thank you offer, ok?”

“Preeti stop taking in riddles…”

“…No I am serious… I have a lot to thank you for… For saving my life all those years ago, for looking over my well-being for last twelve years and always taking care of me…like you did when I got injured.”

“Let it go Preeti…” He said softly walking away towards the window.

She walked behind him and hugged him from the back.  He stiffened but she tightened her hold and he relaxed. She buried her head in his back.  He turned around and held her careful of her bandaged hand. He buried his nose in her hair and took in a deep breath. She laid her head in the crook of his neck her favourite place and rained light kisses there. She ran her palms up his back and he tightened his hold. She pushed her pelvis ahead felt his arousal prodding at her stomach. She looked up into his eyes and saw raw hunger.  Holding his face she pulled him towards her. Their lips met with an intensity she hadn’t thought of. It was as if he was making up for their lack of physical intimacy. He devoured her hungrily. After what seemed like ages he released her lips and lifted her looking into her eyes as if unsure. She hooked her hands around his neck and kissed his forehead. Holding her, he almost ran upstairs to his room and let her down only to open his room. 

He pulled her in with him and closed the door. Again picking her up, he took her to his bed gently laying her on it. In record time he freed them off their clothes. He quickly got between her legs, his manhood eager at her wet entrance. She wound her legs around him and raised her hands up to grip the head board railing of his cot. That raised her breasts and she was thrilled to see the gleam of want in his eyes further arousing her. The slight pain in her hand forgotten…. She only saw him. In the next moment he slammed into her with a force that shook her insides and started the wave of climax even before he started the thrusts. Taking an erect nipple in his mouth he sucked on it…while continuously thrusting in and out of her wetness. Suddenly he increased his pace and she was almost exhausted trying to keep up with him. He got the nipple between his teeth and gave it a gently tug. She shattered with a scream and he closed her mouth with his. He gave the final thrusts and released into her with a sound she had never heard before. He screamed her name as well…. He fell on her and they held each other tightly slowly descending from the throes of passion they just shared.

He sank into the bed besides her and she wondered if he would ask her to go back to her room. But he spooned her pulling her close to him her back touching his chest. He rained kissed on her head and she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t help the sob from escaping her mouth.  He immediately put her on her back and came right over her balancing on his fore arms. “What is it dear?”

“Gautam… I missed you… like hell… I …I can’t live without you… or with you angry or upset with me…”

“…hey hey…” he palmed her cheek and she leaned into it. “…no darling…I am not angry…not at all… I …I missed you too sweet heart… every single moment.” He bent and claimed her lips in a slow kiss. He gently pulled her lower lip…


“Yes darling…”

“… I love you…I hope you know that…”

He nodded smiling at her. She knew he did too…she was now sure of it. Would he ever tell her?

She held his cheeks in her palms and said. “Don’t…ever…don’t ever leave me… Don’t shut me out… please…”

He kissed her palms on either side. “What is it Preeti?”

“Gautam…I am ready to sign those papers…the documents for the fort.”

He stilled and got up to sit on the bed resting his back to the head board. She knew she couldn’t lose the moment. She moved towards him and sat on his lap facing him. Holding his face in her hands she looked into his eyes…shining brightly in the night lamp hues.

“Gautam…there is something I want to admit…”

He stared at her expressionless.

“I…I met an Inspector from Crime Branch…Tanveer Raisingh…”

“…I know sweet heart…” He said softly. And it was her turn to be surprised.

“Don’t be surprised… I have kept detailed tabs on you for twelve years in Alwar and Mumbai…don’t you think I would have done so when you got back here as well?”

“So…you knew…”

“…Yes I saw you got to their office that morning.”

How come she hadn’t known? She was sure she had checked…

“…so Gautam…you weren’t angry…?”

He held her face on one side… “Why the hell would I be angry darling?”

“..That I went behind your back…but Gautam …I wanted to help you… and also get closure… But…But I didn’t reveal anything about you…”

Gautam chuckled. He turned her around and made her sit between his legs her back resting on his chest. Oh how she loved this feel. She could sit like this all her life.

“Preeti… ?”


“…I met Tanveer today… Me and Gaurang were in a meeting with him…”

She squeezed his hands and he interlocked his fingers with hers as if deriving strength from her.

“Gautam… he suspects you killed those people twelve years back as well as that… monster.”

“..Yea…I … Preeti… will you…hate me …if I tell you…I killed someone?”

She raised her hand and held his face behind. She looked up tilting her head and pulled his face. She kissed him with all the love in her heart.

 “Gautam…darling I trust you…more than anything in this world. Whatever you tell me, it’s not going to change my opinion of you…”

He kissed her all over her face and hugged her from the back placing his chin on her head. She waited giving him time to gather his thoughts. “Preeti… I have …killed someone…that monster who had…”

“…I know Gautam…I am alive only because of that…”

“…on the other hand…Preeti…what does that make me? I …I killed my foster brother. My mentor …my so-called father who brought me up… he killed himself because of that….”

“…Gautam…you saved two of us …me and Narmada…”

She told him about what Narmada had shared about his childhood. He sighed into her hair and tightened his grip on her hand.



“Do you remember you had said, there was something unsolved about what happened 12 years ago?”

He nodded. “Gautam…actually on the day we got married, Rewa didi was apologising and crying for what she did 12 years ago…do you know about it?”

“..Preeti…Rewa admitted this to me on the day we got engaged.  Suyash was there too. This was just before you came looking out for her. She… she was in love with Vikram 12 years ago. In fact he had cheated her into pursuing an affair with him. He did that with many other unsuspecting girls”

“…Oh… but how did we reach that alley? I have always wondered about it for the last 12 years Gautam…”

Gautam stood and walked towards the window in his naked glory. Preeti only ogled at him. His well-toned back…  The same back which she had held to pull him towards her body as they fell apart in each other’s arms every time they came together… The same broad shoulders which carried so much burden that he had not even known to unload it somewhere…on someone.

As Gautam stood gathering his thoughts again, she patiently waited. Her eyes well up thinking about a song which reminded her of the enigma standing at the window.

….Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa…..

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author

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