we meet again…

Chapter 3

The address on the crumpled paper had mentioned RM tech park.

Namrata reached the lobby of the 11 storeyed glass building. She had worn a faded blue jeans pant and a pink cotton blouse. Her sneakers made it easy to walk fast on the granite embedded lobby floor. As she approached the reception, she stopped.

What would she ask? She didn’t even know his name…

But she had a number and she thought of giving it a try. She definitely didn’t want to warn him but as usual she had no choice. She reached the reception and met the pretty lady with a crisp uniform, heavy makeup and a tight bun.

“Yes Ma’am? How may I help you?” The lady asked.

Namrata nervously replied, “Um… I… um… I want to meet this person who is in possession of this phone number. It’s a landline number actually… ” And she showed her the written number.

The lady’s eyes widened. She looked at Namrata as if she had grown two horns. “Ma’am, are you sure? Do you have an appointment?”

Namrata straightened her spine and said, “No, I don’t. But please show him this paper and he will know.” She handed the crumple piece of paper to the lady. Namrata had torn out the part containing the contact information earlier.

She was asked to wait while the lady made some calls. After about what seemed like ages, she called out to Namrata. “Ma’am… sir would see you now. Take the lift to the 10th floor. The office is the one on the right.”

“Th… thanks” Namrata whispered suddenly questioning her decision of coming there.

She took the elevator. Whenever it halted mid floors, people gave her curious looks. Probably they were all dressed for the corporate world where as she was not… She stopped looking around and stared at the elevator floor.

Finally when the elevator halted on the 10th floor she got off and moved to the right side office. It was easy since there were only two offices… one office on the left and the other on the right.

The secretary, at least she looked like one, and the only employee outside the office stood up on seeing her. She looked at her top to bottom and smirked. She was well dressed with loads of makeup and reeked of cheap perfume. Namrata was extremely jittery. The secretary waved towards the office door and left. It was as if she was waiting just for Namrata to arrive.

 Namrata slowly knocked and pushed the door open. She stepped in and the door automatically shut behind her.

 She started to panic when she heard a soft baritone …“Welcome to my lair my little sparrow…”

Namrata felt the same flutter in her abdomen. Her grip on her purse tightened.

She looked around the huge office. It was so much larger than life… Just like him. He was sprawled on the sofa at the left corner of the room. As usual the office was minimally lit. What was it with this man? He seemed to love the darkness.

“Will you keep standing and staring or come here, little sparrow?” He asked in the same sensuous tone she knew would haunt her in her dreams.

 Gripping her purse as if her life depended on it, she walked towards him. Irrespective of how she felt she took him all in. He was wearing a white full sleeve shirt which was folded till his elbows and black trousers. He had taken off his shoes and was only in his socks. As she walked she kept looking at him as if mesmerised. He straightened up as she came near him.

She felt the pangs of shame as she remembered the contents of the letter and the envelope in her purse … She looked away biting her lower lip so she didn’t cry.

“Why don’t you sit down little one?” He spoke in an amused tone. He gave her a casual look. It only made her annoyed. She quickly took out the envelope from her purse and kept it on the centre table.

“I only… came to give this to you. You may count… it’s all there” She said softly and turned to leave.

“Wait…” He called after her, but she kept walking towards the door. As she turned the door knob, she was suddenly pressed to the door. The door shut again and he latched it. He pressed himself to her as she struggled to move. She stopped when she felt his heavy breath in her ear… he gripped her shoulders and turned her around.

 He looked at her with fire in his eyes… a look she was incapable of comprehending.

He held her head from the back and moved closer, she closed her eyes. Her lips were already tingling with anticipation of a kiss…

But he bent towards her ear and whispered, “When I tell you to wait, you wait.

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