sparrow visits the eagle…

Chapter 7

“Wait here…” he said softly after reaching the bedroom and went out from there.

She looked around to see a lovely double bed which had been made neatly. The bedroom was very simple, walls painted in white with little white coloured furniture including the bed. Once again, exhaustion raised its head and she wanted to just sleep.

He came into the room with the bag from the store.

“Here… take this… it’s for you… Be… comfortable.” He handed the bag to her.

Namrata opened the bag’s zipper and saw something paper wrapped. There were flowers too She took it out and opened the wrap. There lay the softest and the most beautiful purple coloured nightgown she had ever seen. She held it and felt it on her cheek.

 “It’s beautiful… thank you” she said.

“Er… Change into it. I will just be back…” he said hesitatingly rubbing his palms to his track pants and left the room.

What was happening here? Namrata was confused. He always looked confident and dominating but at this moment he sounded nervous. Was he really?

She changed into the night gown. It reached her at the knee. It was of perfect size. It had thin spaghetti straps. The satin like material hug her body and she felt flattered when she saw herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom.

As she stood before the mirror, the lights suddenly went off. Before she could panic, the lamp right at the top of the mirror glowed. It was a soft fluorescent glow which brought out the shine in her eyes and her gown. She never had felt so sensual…

She felt him even before she saw him come behind her, in the mirror. Their eyes met and some kind of communication passed between them.

His eyes were on fire… she was inflamed inside.

God… you are so beautiful my little sparrow

He turned her around and removed the clutch that held her hair. He drove his fingers through her hair and gently pulled so she rose her chin up. Her lips were already apart… when his claimed them. He kissed her jaw and moved towards her ear kissing her cheeks on the way. He licked her earlobe and whispered, “God… you are so beautiful my little sparrow…”

Namrata went weak in the limbs. She had never been made to feel so special before… one among the many firsts in her life now.

He held her hips and lifted her. She balanced herself by holding his shoulders and looked down at him. He went close to the bed and released her so that she slid down touching his body. Her body sensitivity was heightened. He slid her straps and her dress pooled down at her feet. Before she knew her legs hit the bed and she landed on it. He followed on top of her. He quickly took of his clothes in record time and kissed her. She touched his cheeks and loved the feel of his stubble under her palms. She could feel his arousal near her cleft. He raised his head and smiled down at her. “I have been waiting all evening for this… in fact ever since I left you sleeping in that hotel room today morning.” Namrata was totally captivated by his words and she arched her back wanted to feel his chest against hers. He bent and kissed her neck downwards…

He kissed the top of her breasts and took one pink nipple in his mouth. As he sucked at it he gently pulled the other with his fingers. Her inner fire started to build up. She was moaning and arching her back. She had gripped his hair and pulled him more towards her breast. He gave her a little bite and she climaxed… it flew like a ripple in her body clenching her core over and over, as he continued to ravish the nipple. She screamed as he released her nipple and kissed her. As she climbed down the crescendo, he gave her light kisses on her forehead… he rose and stared into her eyes. She couldn’t fathom the feelings in his eyes but it pulled her to him. She was falling into a chasm… she knew she would reach a point of no return. But she couldn’t help it. She took the initiative this time. She pulled his head down and kissed him with all she was feeling for him. The emotions were so strong her eyes pricked. She blinked them away. This was her moment to savour.

He broke the kiss and spoke in the sensual tone she was beginning to relate to him. “I am not able to hold on any more little one… I have to get inside of you.”

“Then… then do it…giant eagle.” She smiled and whispered.

“You are going to be the death of me little sparrow…” he laughed and opened the nightstand drawer. He too out the condom and after making a quick work of the foil, he wore it. He positioned himself on top of her. She felt him at her entrance. She rubbed his hands placed on either side of her body and spread her legs.

 He slammed into her as she arched her back. He touched her core all the way inside… she lost a heartbeat. He withdrew and again slammed in… eventually he maintained an even pace, kissing her throughout. She hugged his neck scratched his back. He bit her lower lip and pulled… she screamed something unintelligible as waves of her climax kept crashing through her body. He soon followed by a loud grunt as he emptied himself inside her. He flopped on her careful not to put his weight on her, giving her light pecks on her face. As their breaths evened, he got up to discard the condom.

Namrata was struggling to keep her eyes open as he came to the bed. He lay behind her and pulled her close to him. He buried his head in her hair and held her close.

“I… can’t sleep here… have to get back home…” She whispered.

“I know little sparrow, I know… just take a little nap. You need it after all the exercise. I will drop you home. Don’t worry…” he spoke in her ear.

Before his sentence completed she was fast asleep.

Namrata jerked awake. The room was slightly lit. She felt him moving next to her, behind her. She turned to find him on his elbows staring at her. She felt conscious and tried to hide her naked breasts with her hands. But he held them above her head and immediately came on her. “Why do you want to hide from me my little sparrow? You are so beautiful I want to have you right now…”

Namrata blushed… and smiled. “I have to leave now… Wh…What’s the time?” she started to get worried.

“Its 12.30AM… don’t worry. I will drop you home.” He moved aside and started to get up from the bed. He turned to her and said, “Get dressed little one… I will drop you home.” He left the bedroom.

Namrata sensed the shift in his mood. But she had to reach home so didn’t say anything… She put on her dress in which she had come in. she folded the beautiful nightgown and kept it on his bed. However much she wanted to she couldn’t take it home with her.

 When she came out of the bedroom he was standing in the balcony. She went up to him. Before she could say something, he spoke up.


“What?” She was puzzled.

“My name… its Ranvijay Mehrotra

It sounded familiar to her but she couldn’t place it.

He turned around and held her face in his palms. He looked into her eyes as if wanting to tell her something… but gave her a quick peck on her lips and said, “Let’s go… common…”

He stopped the car one building before hers on her request. She didn’t want her mother asking questions in case she happened to be awake.

She took her purse and got out of the car. She waved and walked towards her building. As soon as she entered her building he reversed the car and left.

Later as she went to bed, she wondered why he hadn’t said anything about meeting again. But whatever had transpired last evening…the entire twenty four hours… was very thrilling… it was a dream. Tomorrow she had to get back to routine. Back to her actual life…

Somehow the idea of not meeting him caused a hollow in her heart which refused to go even as she slept off. 

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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