why Gautam…why?

Chapter 16

 Preeti didn’t react and rushed out. Her heart was working overdrive, emotions were scattered. She had to block out the information she just got. No one at home could know this. Her protective streak towards Gautam was strong… strange but strong, she thought.

‘…He is dangerous…’ the words kept ringing in her ears. But surprisingly they didn’t scare her. She was never scared of Gautam. Worried and caught in a moral dilemma but not scared… She was certain Gautam was her saviour then. Whether he had killed those other people or not, she didn’t know… The Gautam she had known couldn’t be a murderer, could he? However, it appeared she barely knew him these days. But was he in danger?

She still had some fleeting memories about the blue eyes. Once in that hellhole and once in the hospital. But her mind may have played games with her. She wasn’t functioning well for a long time even after discharge from hospital. She had colour discrimination issues for a long time.  She had difficulty when the colour shades were closer for at least six months after the incident but gradually she recovered on her own as the doctor has said she would. So was it a mistake that she had seen those stunning blue eyes? To her utmost surprise she realised she had long stopped relating Gutam with the colour of his eyes. She loved his browns. She loved the man for crying out aloud… The feelings for him ran so deep her chest tightened.

Anyway she was returning back to Mumbai in another day. Away from all the madness here. Mostly for good, this time.

 She was home just in time for breakfast. Yash made an announcement about the party next day celebrating Maasa’s birthday. Preeti decided to wait before revealing her plans to return back to Mumbai. The entire day there were people going in and out of the house as the preparations for the celebrations started in full swing. The house was getting decorated. The maids and some more contract workers were busy preparing delicacies under the supervision of her mother and tayiji.

She went back to her room to get some things done at office and to inform everyone that she would be returning in a couple of days. She was totally shaken from what had transpired in the morning and wanted to divert herself. What a mess she was in. As soon as she opened her laptop there was a knock at the door.

“Preeti? Can I have a word with you?” it was Rewa.

Preeti unlatched the door and Rewa walked in sitting on her bed with a bounce.

“Preeti Please come along with me… I have to visit the parlour and Ma won’t let me go alone. If you come as well, she won’t have a problem. Tomorrow is a very important day dear.”

“Rewa didi, I have work to complete and I don’t go to parlours…”

“…Just look at your skin it’s so dry. Your hair needs straightening too. I have kept a nice new dress for you. You will look stunning tomorrow. Please Preeti come with me?” Rewa pleaded.

Preeti nodded reluctantly and within an hour they were in a beauty salon. It was a unisex parlour and was huge with many spa and massage rooms housed beyond closed curtains. Preeti was uncomfortable and wanted to rush back home. But before she could speak, Rewa introduced her to Rohit who owned the place.

“Preeti I have booked massages for both of us. It will help you relax. Don’t refuse dear. God knows you need it.” Saying Rewa went off to her dedicated room. Preeti stood still not knowing how to react. Rohit called another lady wearing the parlour uniform and she directed Preeti to a room at the end of the corridor inside. She asked Preeti to change into the given wrap and wait for her.

Preeti entered the room and gasped to see the elegant massage set up.  There was a double bed in the centre surrounded by adjacent walls of flowing velvet curtains. The lighting gave the entire room a soft golden hue and the scented lamps, they just took her breath away. Lavender…yes these were lavender essential oils. It reminded her of the red room in Gautam’s house in Mumbai. He had a similar fragrance. She clenched her thighs and moaned as she felt her arousal slam into her core.  She suddenly stood upright remembering where she was. She shook her head and quickly changed into a wrap. She sat on the bed waiting for the masseur. She looked around and wondered how much Rewa must have spent for all this. But Rewa didn’t have any money. In fact she always struggled for petty expenses and occasionally she had sent her money. SO how could she afford all this… of course Gautam! How could she forget? He must have arranged everything she thought as anger burned within. She shut her eyes trying to remove the image of Gautam with Rewa. It was extremely painful and unbearable. No she couldn’t accept this. She decided to change back into her clothes and wait in the reception area.

She stood up from the bed and turned towards her clothes she had kept on a stand near the bed. Suddenly the door to the room opened and closed. She turned around to refuse when she stared with mouth wide open. Gautam entered the room and shut the door latching it.

She caught her bearings. She couldn’t let him affect her like this. She wasn’t doing right by her sister as well.

Hands on her hips she asked trying to hide the tremor in her voice. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Gautam chuckled and opened the bath robe he was wearing when he entered the room. He was only in his boxers the erection evident as she saw and looked away.

“Preeti we both need this. There’s lots of stress around.” He said softly as he approached her.

She walked back till her legs hit the edge of the bed. “No… I don’t want any massage. I just… I want to go home. You can have a massage with Rewa didi. She is there somewhere here…” She teared up when she spoke and her heart was heavy. She looked down trying to hide her face from him.

He came close enough she could smell his musky fragrance. That blended with the existing Lavender was driving her insides to mush.

He lifted up her chin and she closed her eyes as a tear escaped the corner of her eye. He cupped her cheeks and wiped the tear with his thumb. “Look at me Preeti…” he spoke so softly it melted her. She looked at him. “…Just enjoy this alright? I want to be with you…no one else…. just you.”

She pushed away his hands and said, “In that case call off the wedding. Why are you two timing us? Rewa didi trusts you blindly just like I did. Why on earth are you doing this? A different name, identity…what is all this?”

He sighed and said, “Preeti, now is not the time for all this. You are so uptight… so am I. We need this…” he said gesturing to the surrounding. She dint know whether it was the earnest lustful look in in his browns or the ambience in the room or the conversation with Tanveer Raisingh and her protective instincts towards him,  or fact that she wanted him with intensity she couldn’t describe… She knew she would repent later but she hugged him. He hugged her back and kissed her head. He releases the shoulder ties of her wrap and it slipped to the floor.

“He took her hand in his and said, “Lie down sweetheart and just enjoy as I make you relax…”

Like she was hypnotised, Preeti lay down on the soft bed. He got a small tray kept on the side containing different bottles. He picked up one, read it and took some in his hand. He rubbed his palms spreading it and started applying the oil on her stomach. The fragrance was awesome. As his hands moved right below her breasts she asked him in a husky voice. “What oil is this?”

He continued the massage and replied his focus not wavering one bit as he spoke. “This is the Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential oil. It helps to sooth the body and helps in the relaxation of tense muscles. And you my dear are so… tense.” He moved his hands above and rubbed her neck and upper chest. He hovered over her as he massaged her arm pits and hands which he had spread on the bed. He stared into her eyes and continued in a very soft voice. “…By removing feelings sadness, anxiety, and depression, this oil uplifts people’s sensual desires and helps them concentrate on pleasurable activities. It increases the feelings of love, gratitude, and passion and helps get rid of sadness, anger, and aggressiveness.”

Wow he knew so much. Hearing his voice raised her arousal levels to an extent that all she needed was a slight trigger and she would explode. As if reading her mind he caught her breasts in his palms and started to knead the globes gently. He knew how she reacted when he played with them. Her back arched pressing them further into his palms. He applied gentle pressure from the base to their tips and he pinched her nipples and released them. He kept repeating the manoeuvre till she could hold on no longer and she exploded. Before she came down the pinnacle of her release he was in between her thighs. He massaged each of her legs t but barely touched her apex. She was going crazy as the flame rose higher and higher slowly warming her insides. He then moved towards her centre. He let the oil drip along her slit and that felt out of this world. She was breathing heavily clutching the sheets on either side. He used his fore finger to spread the oil across her womanhood and gently massaged her outer walls with one hand. He used the index finger of his other hand to push it inside her warmth to touch her inner walls. She was now close… very close. She raised her hips as he inserted his second finger and they started to create havoc in her inside walls. He touched her indent at the same time pinched her clit. She shattered crying out his name as multiple orgasms crashed through her body wave after wave.  She lay spent on the bed and a sense of calm spread through her. He was right the oils had the power but she knew it was not just the oil, it was the masseur himself, it was HIM. He joined her within minutes. His boxers were off. He came on top of her positioning himself. She welcomed him spreading her legs and without wasting any second he slammed into her. He rubbed his chest to her oily one making his movement slippery and causing erotic sensations on her skin. He held her hands above her head intertwining her fingers and claimed her lips as he started to increase his pace. She had clutched his hips with her legs and now raised her hips to match his strokes with her own. The next moment she felt her inner walls spasming around him as she came and soon he followed her grunting loudly as he released into her.

They lay on the bed totally spent and he was spooning her drawing lazy circles on her stomach and her head resting on his other arm. He kissed her head every now and then as if checking if she was here. She took his other hand in hers and liked her fingers with his. He kissed her shoulder.


“Hmm” He grunted

“ You know I love you, right?”

He stopped kissing her and sighed. “Preeti…” he called her out in a warning tone.

“Gautam I feel horrible and guilty… for Rewa , for myself. I don’t like this…”  She turned around and looked at him. He was staring at her with the same turmoiled look. Who was he really? “…Gautam, I hate losing control and it happens when you are around…. it pains me to say this but this is our last…um…meet. I… can’t do this anymore…”

She started to get up when he suddenly pinned her under him.

“Preeti…what the fuck… what has gotten into you? You don’t trust me anymore?” he was angry.

“What trust are you talking about? You have only being lying to me…and my family. I love you so much…more than life itself but I don’t know you at all.”

“You know enough there is to know about me and you DON’T love me. You just think you do.”

“No GAutam… I LOVE YOU more than anything in this world. That’s why it hurts so much when you don’t open up to me, talk to me. This impending marriage with Rewa didi… Gautam I am not able to bear it…”

He was looking into her eyes with such an intensity she raised her hand and touched his cheek. “Talk to me Gautam…please. Tell me what is in your mind. I deserve some answers don’t you think?”

 He released her and got out of the bed and stood hand on his hips back towards her in his naked glory. After what seemed like ages he said, “I don’t know what to say. Just that you don’t deserve to be with someone like me. You are too good Preeti…just too pure and innocent…. I am… I am…not someone you should even fraternise with….” He took a deep breath and turned around facing her. He raised his palm to stop her even as she wanted to argue. “…. Enough Preeti. Get dressed. We have to leave.”

“NO..” She screamed.

He looked at her frowning as he pulled up his boxers.

She got off the bed and stood before him holding a nearby bath towel to cover herself. “I said…NO…you heard me? I don’t care what you think of yourself. You just…just waltz into my life the way you want to and then leave whenever you please…THIS IS JUST NOT DONE… You are right…” she was crying now. “…I don’t deserve you…I don’t deserve to be treated like a whore…like a keep… YOUR keep…” He came towards her to hold her but she angrily help up her palm and he stood rooted to the ground. “… you didn’t want me to come to Alwar and now you don’t want me to go back to Mumbai. Why… so that you can continue this clandestine relationship…? No…I am sorry but I can’t do this anymore. It’s very painful…” She was panting. She went close to him and looked up into his eyes. They were stormy. She continued. “…tell me who you are Gautam…or are you Vikram? Why did you save my life twelve years ago? How…how did you even know we were in that godforsaken alley?”

His eyes suddenly turned emotionless. He stiffened and looked away. He quickly put on his bathrobe and before she could say anything he was out of the room banging the door after him. The loud sound was nothing compared to the storm in her heart threatening to destroy her sanity….

As she put on her clothes Tanveer Raisingh’s words kept echoing in her head.

‘….he is dangerous….’

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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