Am i in love?

Chapter 8

 “Sorry Preeti work calling. I have to get to work. I hate to leave you but…” Gautam came back after the phone call. He was visibly disturbed.

“Anything… anything wrong? Can I help?” she asked concerned

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Urgent unavoidable work that’s all. Pick you at 7PM?”

She agreed and they kissed a quick peck on the lips. He dropped her to her office. She decided to get some work done instead of moping around at home. She almost immediately missed him. Nothing in her office interested her that day. Neither the chirpy banter of the younger colleagues nor her boss’s attempts to cheer her up were successful. He thought she still was upset about the impending loss of employment. There was something nagging at the back of her head. Oh God Rewa didi. She wanted to call her. Suddenly she felt guilty that she had almost forgotten her sister in her jest for a romp in the sack. She blushed… was it that? Just a romp? She immediately called Rewa.

“Hello Didi…”

“…Preeti dear… so good to hear you. I am so miserable. Ma and Bapu are just not letting me out of the house. They caught me meeting Suyash last evening when I had gone out on the pretext of visiting the parlour. Preeti…it’s horrible. Only you can do something. I don’t want to marry Vikram Singh…”

“…That’s his name? Vikram Singh?”

“Whatever it is Preeti, he is not Suyash… I can’t imagine my life with someone else besides Suyash… Preeti come soon…”

“…Yes didi…I called you to tell you I have applied for leave. As soon as it gets sanctioned I will take the next flight and come home…I Promise.”

“Ok… I will be waiting Preeti…” Rewa spoke in a meek voice and it killed her to hear her sister suffer.

She kept her phone on her table and rubbed her face… What would she do in Alwar. How could she help her sister? Should she ask Gautam? No he was strictly against her visiting Alwar. As she looked around the office she saw a new screen saver on her colleague’s laptop. It read,

Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need.’

Was it how Rewa felt when she was with Suyash? She felt just that when she looked into his eyes as she came… It then struck her, her saviour had blue eyes. She always thought he did… was it her hallucination? Though she had no doubts Gautam was the same person who had saved her twelve years ago, she often wondered about his current brown eyes. Not that she had any complaints. They were the most expressive browns she had ever seen and it suited him. But why were his eyes blue those years ago? Did he wear cosmetic lenses? But why? Her list of questions was only increasing but there were no answers. The moment she thought about him her insides turned into mush and she forgot the world around her.

The next few days Preeti had a fixed routine. She woke up in the morning in his bed most of the time their limbs intertwined with each other. She realised she slept like a log following hot steamy sex the earlier night.  Sometimes she woke up even in the middle of the night when he would kiss her or finger her awake. Early mornings were usually filled with occasional shower encounters. Once, two days after she had been here,  she was in the bathroom longer than usual. He banged the door open and barged in. Before she could react he lifted her up in a fireman’s carry. She could only squeal. With a swift movement of his hand he pushed aside all the contents on the huge vanity unit near the sink. He made her sit on it and dragged her towards him. She was immediately wet in her apex looking at the passion in his eyes. She spread her legs. He pulled down his shorts and before her next breath he plunged inside.  She looked at him and saw the veins in his neck bulging as he grunted slamming into her again and again.  That did it for her and she shattered in his arms as he held her tightly towards him and rocked hard till he released with a loud cry.  The next day onwards that got included in the routine. He would enter the bathroom right after her. Sometimes he took her against the wall, sometimes on the vanity stand or sometimes he would use the hand shower to get her to climax. He would then kiss her deep and leave the bathroom for her to finish off her bath.

 One day during breakfast, she was setting the cooked eggs on their plates. He held her from the back and picked her up as she screamed flailing her legs in mid-air. He took her to the adjoining dining hall dropping her on the dining table. He took off her camisole and her inner garments with a speed which surprised her as she laughed. He took the tube of honey and to her shock he spilled it on her breast, stomach and her intimate dark triangle of curls. She shivered with the chill but she almost leapt out of her senses as he started to lick the honey off her body. He suckled her breasts their collective moaning vibrating the surroundings, he licked off every trace of the sweet thick liquid on her. He then reached her curls and that was something she would never forget. At first what started with a flip of the tongue soon developed into a full-fledged feast as he called it. He ate her up… She lost count of the nuber of times she had exploded on the table and when moments later he plundered her core, they came together with the biggest earthshattering climax. The very thought of it gave her the chills and she shivered all over again, riding the waves spreading through her body.

Every time they got together they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Preeti thought he was insatiable but she missed him too…she craved him, his body.  He had taught her to explore her own body and enjoy doing so. Just that morning, she woke up at her home because he was to get late earlier evening and they hadn’t met. Her need for him so blatantly urgent; she pushed her fingers through her hipster and found her moist folds. She put in a finger then two and circled her clit with her thumb. With the other hand she held her bed sheet unduly tight as she fell apart crying out his name and panting hard.

She blushed every time she thought about their encounters. Many times her colleagues caught her lost in thought or smiling. These days whenever she was with him, very often they spoke about her work, her hobbies, and her career. She had never opened up to anyone ever since she was in Mumbai. Her emotions were all bottled up. But with him she spoke about everything. Her neighbours, her family back home about whom she knew very little these days. She saw that he stiffened every time she mentioned Alwar so she refrained from talking about it. He too spoke about his shared love for cooking and that apparently his business was doing well. Though he only mentioned it in passing, it was a start; at least he spoke about himself. He said he had a family consisting of an aunt who brought him up when his parents died early and his younger sister who was married. He was almost fifteen years older than Preeti but looked younger because of his obsession with fitness. What would her parents or extended family say if she declared she wanted to marry him? Marry? Now where did that thought come from? She didn’t even know how he felt about her. There was only one way… she had to find out.

He hadn’t taken her back to the room on the second floor of his house. She was getting adventurous by the day. She wanted to try that as well…

That day her office was celebrating. Their jobs were safe. The branch wouldn’t close. They wanted to go out for dinner. But she hadn’t seen him for a day now and was missing him. She had texted him like she usually did from office but as usual he always read but never replied. Though he couldn’t keep his hands off her behind closed doors, outside he behaved as if couldn’t stand to touch her. At times she was confused but decided to take things slowly. She knew he was shy and loved his solitude. He had often mentioned that to her as they talked. Today her colleagues were not taking a no for answer and finally she agreed.  Their company had a tie up with a hotel nearby which housed their guests during important meetings. Their company had four branches across the country but most meetings were held in Mumbai because of logistic convenience. Another reason was the efficient staff under Preeti’s supervision. Today they had reserved half the diner in the hotel. There was a dance floor which had appealed to them. The drinks were sponsored by their boss. So by 8Pm she was at the venue in a shimmering black outfit with her shoulder length hair let down. She had barely applied makeup except for bright red wet shine lipstick. She had rarely partied in Mumbai but today she felt liberated and she had Gautam to thank for. He had induced some strange confidence in her and she felt light. She smiled as she imagined him whispering sweet nothing into her ears. She had to clench her thighs to stop the throbbing. She had to stop thinking about him… her juices threatened to overflow. Soon her colleagues joined her and after a round of drinks they all went to the dance floor. She didn’t like to dance so stayed for a while watching them.

Suddenly a waiter approached her. “Excuse me ma’am, this is for you.” He handed her a little envelope. Strange, she thought looking around. She opened the envelope and there was a folded letter. She slowly opened it wondering who sent it.

Come upstairs… room No 306. I am Hungry…


Oh My God… He was here. She couldn’t contain her excitement. She made an excuse to a fellow colleague and rushed to the elevator. Soon she was panting in anticipation as she stood outside 306. She knocked softly. The door jerked open and he stood wearing his black shorts. His eyes gleamed as they took in her appearance. . She fiddled with her purse and looked down at her trembling fingers. He held her hand and suddenly pulled her in. He held her shoulders in front of him and kept looking at her. She saw emotion in his beautiful eyes. Wait…was he…was he crying?

He pulled her to him and held her tightly as if scared that she would disappear if his hold was loose. He buried his nose in her hair and whispered, “I… I… I want you… right now…”

“Me too.. take me fast…Gautam…please… fast…”

In the next moment she was out of her clothes and on the bed. He came to her on the bed and suddenly flipped her on top of him.

“Ride me…” He said with a breathy voice.

She was mesmerised and adjusted her position to slide him in her warmth.  Keeping her arms of his chest to support herself she started moving up and down. He raised his hips to match her movement so she felt him touch her intimate points as soon as she sat on him. He held her bouncing globes in his hands and kneaded them.  As their movements increased pace he pinched her nipples and at the same time hardened inside her. She rose up the sensory whirlpools of delirious intensity and fell on his chest totally spent, as he pulsed his release within. He rubbed her back with a constant rhythm and soon she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up she was alone on the bed. It was midnight. She yawned and she pulled the sheet around her and started to look for him. She saw him in the balcony of the beautiful suite. He was looking at the dark world outside with hands on his hips. As if he knew she has come he turned around. He opened his arm and she went into his embrace. He held her close and kissed her head.

“ Gautam…”


“I… want to…. Um… try that…um…”

“try what dear?”

“…um… that room in your house… the red room…”

Silence. Did she upset him?

He took in a deep breath and looked at her. “Are you sure Preeti?”

“Gautam…I don’t know about being sure but I.. I trust you…totally.”

He hugged her and kissed her forehead.  “Then tomorrow…it’s a promise. Pick you at 7PM.”

She spent the whole of next day tingled in anticipation of the evening to come. She had worked up most of her demons as far as physical intimacy was concerned. She had never ever dreamt of arriving at this stage. She still had a long way to go as far as her nightmares and fears existed…but she now had the confidence to cope up. She had Gautam with her. She was in love. She didn’t get the nightmare these days. It was because of him. She was deep into this now…

But the question remained… was he into her or was it just physical for him? Did…did…he love her?

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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