passion unleashed…

Chapter 7

She was stunned to silence by her fast arrhythmic heart beats and the deep pools of desire in her core. His hungry mouth traced a trail up her inner thighs leaving her trembling for more. He grazed the other thigh and moved towards her centre. He adjusted his shoulders beneath her thighs and raised her buttocks with his hands cupping her globes behind. She was on her elbows straining to look at him and then fell back on the bed breathing heavily biting her lower lip. She prided herself on being prepared for any eventuality in her life but for once she didn’t know what to anticipate…

She felt his breath on her soft folds before he kissed her there. His stubble felt so soft and soothing to her nerves that she wanted him to be there permanently. A shiver passed through her. He looked up at her again. She came up on her elbows again. She had to watch him. If she want turned on already then a vision of his mouth on her mound did it in. He used his fingers to separate her lips down there and licked her right at her core. Holy Shit… she felt her arousal stream out of her crevice. Her head fell back as she started to find her breath. He licked her up and touched her bud. He took the clit between his thumb and index finger and pressed on it. With his other index finger he circled her opening and she spread her legs inviting him, further. She could hear her own moans as he sucked and pressed. Slowly he pushed his index finger inside. She thought she would be repulsed at the invasion but she liked it… loved it and that brought down her anxiety. He slowly started moving the finger in and out of her wetness. She found herself holding his head and raising her hips further to match his strokes with her own. The tide was rising within her. He bit her inner thigh and pinched her clit simultaneously as he moved his fingers deftly. She screamed as the waved of orgasm travelled through her violently down to her curls. He continued to finger her finding those ridges within her intimate walls which were still in spasm.  She exploded all over again on his finger clinging to his head as she sailed in pure ecstasy.

 She must have dozed off. She felt a warm cloth touching her mound.  She raised her head but felt limp after the mind blowing orgies she had felt just moments ago. She was eager for more. She felt the last few spasms still passing through her body as he touched her down there and she closed her thighs catching his hands between them. He increased his pressure as he stared into her eyes. At that moment something shifted in her heart. Was she falling for him even deeper then before?

“I want…you” She muttered softly.

He was in his boxers and she could see the bulge making a tent right in front. She was aroused all over. He lifted her like earlier and carried her out of the room. She gasped as he marched downstairs towards a bedroom. She yelped into his shoulder as he kicked open the door to his bedroom. He deposited her softly on his bed. She felt the soft covers beneath her back.  She felt the bed dip as he joined her. She could feel him breathing hard. He climbed above her and balanced himself on his elbows on either side of her face.  He looked into her eyes and said, “When I claim you it will be on this bed and not in some kinky room.”

He bent and claimed her lips. The waves of passion as their tongues met rose so high she could feel the storm begin inside her body. Continuing his kiss he removed his boxers in a jiffy. She jerked up as she felt his hardness at the entrance to her core. She tightened her hold on his arms. He raised his head and looking into her eyes with a smouldering look said, “Preeti you trust me don’t you?”

“Yesss” she whispered.

He moved away quickly and was back with the condom sheathing his manhood. He held her thighs apart and positioned his shaft at her entrance. She closed her eyes in anticipation of pain as per what she had read and heard. But he moved his body upwards, his organ sliding along the slit of her essence. Oh God that felt…heavenly. She opened her eyes to see him look into hers. He kissed her and moved downwards towards her breasts. She was so focussed on the impending invasion that she jumped when he took her rosy pink nipple between his lips and sucked pulling it deep into his mouth. She had barely felt the raging storm because of the sensation at her bosom that she didn’t realise he had entered her. It pained very slightly and in a moment he was housed completely inside her wetness.  It dawned on her that he had diverted her mind to reduce her anxiety about… penetration. She pulled his head towards her face and kissed him hard on the lips. He slid out and then plunged deep inside her. The sensation so overwhelming that she arched her body above the bed. He rocked back and forth gradually setting into a rhythm. She folded her legs around him and raised her hips to match his rhythm. Every time he hit a point deep inside her, the storm within her raised a notch higher. His tongue did the trick in her mouth as he devoured her.

Finally he increased his pace. He dipped his finger down near their union and pinched her clit. She screamed into his mouth as the storm broke her barriers and washed through her jerking her body. Before she could come down he rode her like a maniac and threw his head back as he roared his release inside her. Not before she had another wave of orgasm sweeping through her body. He collapsed on top of her digging his head in her neck. They held each other, clinging to each other all sweaty and spent.

A while later as she lay half asleep in his arms him stroking her arms underneath the covers, her head on his chest, he asked. “Preeti, are you hungry?”

“Hmmm.. no. I mean I am hungry but more sleepy… mmm.” She kissed his chest and shut her eyes. His hold on her tightened and she hugged him as well.

She must have slept of immediately. And for once in years she had a complete undisturbed sleep. Without any dreams to haunt her.

She awoke with a sharp prod on her lower back. She opened her eyes and was a little disoriented. It was then the last nights events came back into her mind. She blushed as she felt the warmth behind her back. She was lost to the world deep in slumber and didn’t know when he had moved them to spoon her. Not that she was complaining. Was he awake? At least his member was as she felt it close to her ass cheeks. She pushed her bottom towards him. His hand lying on her hip tightened its hold and he pulled her further towards him. He kissed her ears and bit the cartilage as he whispered, “Good morning beautiful”

Her insides turned mush as he raised her leg closest to him and positioned himself at her apex. She too adjusted her pelvis to accommodate him as he slowly entered her. She raised herself up on her elbow sideways to orient her body properly. He took the leeway offered and moved his other hand from beneath her and caught her breast. She almost peaked but the slamming into her tenderness reignited another spark which was slowly turning into a blaze within. Within moments he pinched the bossom he was fondling she was ablaze with euphoria. Before the embers could cool he erupted inside her with a growl so hard his vibrations seeped through her body and touched her deep.

She collapsed on him and he in turn on the bed, both trying to breathe hard getting down gradually from the peaks they just scaled.

He prepared a bath for her and went off to prepare breakfast. She stepped into the bathtub of a simple but elegant bathroom. She had messaged her boss she wouldn’t be coming to work and would complete her reports and email them from home. Gautam had smiled and had kissed her when he had seen her type the message. She smiled and closed her thighs as the sensation arising from the kiss hit her again. The warm water soothed her sore opening down below. She didn’t know if she could sustain another round. But if the flutter in her heart was to be considered she was ready. The very thought of doing it again with him set her core throbbing. She smiled as she finished her bath. As she emerged the aroma of something appetising reached her. She quickly wore the clothes he had kept out for her; her inners were of the perfect size. How did he know her size? He had kept a long black skirt with white silk blouse. They fit her as if tailor made for her. They looked new. Did the clothes belong to someone else? A girlfriend…. No she rubbished the thought in her head. He seemed like an expert in what they did last night and early morning… then there was that room upstairs. She had read about kink. But did he get women here? How many before her? She shuddered to even think of it. She didn’t want to ruin her mood. He hadn’t committed anything to her and she was the one who had pushed him. She took in a deep breath and went towards the kitchen.

The vision that met her was something she would remember for a long time to come. Gautam stood at the kitchen platform flipping a paratha … Really? The man had cooked Paratha? He was only in a white bath towel and was swaying to some music playing through the earphones, his back towards her. His well-toned back which she had scratched and hugged and kissed…

“If you are done staring…can we eat?” She was shaken from her thoughts. How did he know she was here? He turned around and smiled. Gesturing her to the adjacent dining hall he placed the pot of tea…oh my God.. Chammomile tea. Her favourite. Next he brought the stack of steaming parathas and white butter. Wow…cauliflower parathas, again her favourite. Her mouth watered. He got their plates and offered her a chair. Once seated he didn’t let her serve them but instead did the honours himself. He made sure she had at least two while he downed six! The chamomile tea calmed her nerves even further.

She asked, “How did you know I like this…in fact love all this?”

He kept looking at her. He stood from his chair opposite hers and came on to the one next to hers. Immediately her heart leapt. He held her by her shoulder and pulled her close to him. He bent his head in her hair and breathed in her shampoo. She had loved the fragrance when she had used it. He coiled a lock of her unruly curl.

“Hmm… you smell great…”  He bent further and nipped at the crook of her neck. “…hmmm delicious enough to eat…” Her core was throbbing, her insides pulsing.

Just then a phone rang somewhere in the distance. He shot up an annoyed look and gave her a quick peck on her cheek before leaving the room.

She heard him answer the call and his voice faded away.

She collected the empty plates and carried them to the kitchen sink. She was so used to doing her own chores even before coming to Mumbai that this kind of waiting upon seemed too frivolous. Oh… a girl could get used to this. As she turned after washing the last dish and hanging it in the stand, she saw his t shirt which he had hung on the stool in the corner. She reached out held it close to her face. It smelled of him. Oh how much she loved it she could spend a lifetime with it. She suddenly looked up as realisation struck her. She was in love with him… probably always was.

Oh God, she didn’t know if he even remotely felt anything for her. Yes, he was her protector. They were yet to talk about … the incident. She was yet to get answers to the unending questions swirling in her head. She didn’t even know who he was besides his first name. And she had willingly submitted herself to him. Now what did that make her? To her surprise, she didn’t feel an ounce of guilt.  She wasn’t an avid reader but once she had read a quote by Paul Coelho.

Say ‘NO’ without guilt

Say ‘Yes’ without fear.

And she had done both!

She realised her heart was in trouble. Deep trouble.

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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