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Chapter 38

The next morning Ria woke up alone in bed and she felt the cold bed next to her… The room was still dark but she had been dead to the world last night after their explosive union. She smiled and pulled her thighs together wincing at the soreness down below… He had been pretty rough but she had loved it… she shuddered even now as she felt the remnants of the mind-blowing orgasm… something that she had only read in books or had fantasised about. But Gaurav was something else… She squinted to check the time at the bedside clock. It was 5.30AM. She knew Gaurav was an early riser but that early…? She had to rush to her room to get decent as Keith was expected at 6AM and she chuckled at the thought of scandalising the good man in a skimpy nightgown! But… where was Gaurav… she strained her ears to hear the shower… but was met only by silence. Suddenly a strange fear engulfed her making her heart thud… was he regretting last night…? Did she go the extra mile or cross her limits by accusing him…? Was their coupling just some kind of combustion of their emotional buildup? No… She could be wrong about a lot of things but not last night. She knew he was in it as much as her. With different thoughts doing the turn taking in her brain she dressed clumsily and walked into her room. She had a quick shower and put on her favourite cotton gown as she emerged out of her room and heard the sound of utensils coming from the kitchen and above all the amazing aroma of her favourite filter coffee… Keith was early was he…?Nonetheless she could never resist a cup early morning… it made her day more enchanting and God knows she needed the fuel to activate her senses…

She walked into the kitchen expecting to see Kieth but instead was surprised to see Gaurav in his trademark home clothes preparing… Oh my God… masala upma. How the hell did he know to make that…? Ria stood watching with her mouth wide open as he turned around and gave her a million dollar smile.

“…Hey… slept well…?” He asked stirring the upma. “…Here…take a cup…” He nodded towards the two filled cups of filter coffee. She was on auto pilot… as she grabbed her cup and sipped the concoction…

“…Amm… this is amazing Gaurav…I didn’t know you could cook… want me to do that…?” She offered to help.

“…Uh… No… this is a small treat for my wife… from me…” Saying he switched off the gas stove and placed the lid on the wok. He walked towards her staring into her eyes with the same emotion she always saw whenever she caught him looking at her but today he didn’t look away. She placed the cup on the kitchen platform as he came close barely a few inches apart. “…Ria…” he whispered as she looked up into the warmth emanating from his eyes. He held her face in his hands. “…Last night… it was… it was the most beautiful night of my life so far… I… I cant tell you Ria… how much it meant to me… I …I hope… you…uh…I mean…” He let his hands fall and looked away rubbing his face.

She held his hands and placed them back on her face. “…I loved it Gaurav… It was beyond my wildest fantacies…It was just… I have no words…”

Before she could complete her statement he pulled her towards him as their mouths connected and a strong wave of ecstasy lay its foundation in the pits of her stomach. He plunged his tongue in her mouth exploring every single curve and hollow and she met him with equal fervour. As their tongues clashed, she reached the top of the peak and he held her dearie lifting her up. She held his neck as they kept kissing, devouring each other… the mating of their tongues being the only sound in the silent kitchen and his citrus cologne blending with the spicy aroma of the freshly prepared upma. The doorbell buzzed loudly startling them apart… and as she was slowly making her way down the peak, he held her tightly to his chest… Swearing at Keith who had chosen the unholy moment to make an entry. “…Goddamn it… Ria… Keith’s timing sucks… I had texted him to come late and he is late by just half an hour… can you beat that…?”

Ria chuckled and they both landed up laughing still holding onto each other as if neither wanted to let go… But Keith was there waiting for them to answer the door.

Ria blushed as she walked to the drawing room to set the dining table while Keith passed her giving her a two-finger salute… Oh God was it that obvious? She wondered sure that she had turned beetroot red. Keith served them the upma with a little smile plastered to his face even as Ria stole looks at him… Oh God he knew… But what the hell… she was Gaurav’s wife for crying out aloud and he had witnessed her misery in the last three days… As they ate Gaurav who was sitting next to her on her right, held her right hand in his under the table and she struggled to use her left. But she wasn’t the least troubled… she loved his touch… and she didn’t know when he had moved so close to her, they were almost touching at the sides. She looked towards the kitchen wondering if Keith could understand what was transpiring out here, but that didn’t deter Gaurav. She felt his hot breath fanning her ear as he kissed her pinna and licked it taking a tiny bite of the lobe and she quickly sucked in a breath…

“…Gaurav…?” she whispered even as she moved her face further towards him.

“…hmmm…?” He lazily hummed.

“…Gaurav… Keith’s in the kitchen…Um…so we should…um…”

Gaurav sighed on her cheek and touched his forehead to her temple. “…God Ria… how did I stay away for so long… I …the timing sucks… I have to have a word with Kieth… Late means at least a couple of hours late and not just half an hour…!!!”

She laughed out aloud and he joined her too as Kieth walked in with freshly prepared coffee for them and wondered what the joke was all about and that induced further laughter. Keith shook his head and retreated to the kitchen. Ria looked at Gaurav laughing as his eyes crinkles deepening the wrinkles in their corners… but he looked like an innocent kid. The slight greying in his temples didn’t deter his allure even by an inch… The beautiful black eyes in which she wanted to drown herself, now looked happy and content… She hoped it remained. She was still to know him… but for now this was lot more than she had expected. She looked upwards toward the intricate ceiling patterns and prayed to Almighty to spare them from the evil eye. She was just getting to peel off some of the multiple layers of this complex man and wished that a day would come when there would be no more barriers for her to penetrate to reach that beautiful heat of her husband….

He reluctantly left for work after an emergency call form the hospital… There was a major accident and the hospital was getting flooded with casualties and she knew he would get very late. But she assured him she was fine. He kissed her at the door and she walked him to the elevator… As the doors shut this time they only kept looking into each other’s eyes trying to find their own paths through the mind-boggling maze that had intricately surrounded their feelings for each other…

Later that evening it was past 8PM when she had finished her primary project report for her new centre which she had christened Mystic-Blooms . She had prepared everything from the costs to the need of each departments to the staff… But she had to actually see the location to make the needed changes and decided to speak to Gaurav about taking her to Parijath one of the days. She had plans to employ some of the women from Parijath as well if all went well. Kalyani would be the best person to know about whom to employ and if the lady would agree Ria intended to make her the part time supervisor in her centre. She had poured herself into the project after Gaurav had left taking breaks only to take a leak or eat or check her phone which was often… to see if there were any texts or calls from Gaurav that she had missed just in case! However, there were none… of course she missed him like hell but she wanted to know how he was doing given what had happened in the hospital. She stayed awake till it was 11 PM and by then the days excitement had taken a toll and she fell asleep on the couch in the living room.

Suddenly she felt lighter… someone was lifting her but before she could open her heavy lids, she smelt her favourite citrus cologne and snuggled into his chest. She was carried and put down on the bed and in her stupor, she wondered if she was in her room. But she felt the bed dip behind her and then a heavy hand covered her belly pulling her right behind so her back touched his chest. He kissed her head and soon as she slipped into oblivion his soft snores were the last sounds she heard.

There was a buzzing sound close to her… oh God what as that…? She stirred awake. She was wonderfully cosy and aroused as a hand had cupped her bosom and all of a sudden, the weight lifted making her cold, as Gaurav released her. She then realized it was the alarm as Gaurav swore and shut the irritating buzz. He kissed her forehead a gesture which she loved so much it melted her insides every time he did that…

“Go off to sleep dear I have to catch up on the hospital… Am in the study…  will wake you up later….” He said softly.

She held his hand as he tried to move away. “…You won’t go to work without talking to me…” she looked up into his eyes.

“No dear… I promise you…. in fact, I am not going to the hospital today. Everything is handled and am just checking upon the arrangements…. So… today…” He stretched as he spoke and she drooled over his firm silhouette reflected in the early dawn. “…We will spend time together ok? Now… catch some sleep. You need it…” He winked as he left.

Ria was over the moon. He had made her feel so special. After if she had thought her first night in his room was out of this world, last night was way beyond her comprehension. He had woke her up by lifting her gown and fingering her somewhere late into the night and within minutes he was sheathed inside her heat rocking her core… and as she had come she had seen bright stars behind her closed lids even as he had grunted his release and fallen besides her holding her close and digging his head in the crook of her neck. She had slipped into deep slumber feeling the warm breath on her back and loved being cherished.

He had taken her once again an hour or so earlier too… but this time he had taken her from the back, lifting her thigh and as she had expended her chest holding his head behind her, he had pumped in and out rhythmically… She had been so turned on, and then he had pinched the nipple he had been fondling and playing with and she had shattered… This time there were fireworks and her ears still buzzed with his grunts as he had traversed the little distance before giving into the deliverance… She felt utterly sore down and knew it would prick when she would take a shower but then she was aroused… correction… she was horny… she chuckled thinking about Gaurav wondering about her new found obsession with orgies, as she drifted off to sleep.

Ria woke up in a couple of hours and went to her room to freshen up.  She wondered why Gaurav hadn’t asked her to move her things into his room. The man was full of surprises, probably he would ask her today! She wore her robe since Keith was expected soon… well maybe a little later. She laughed remembering their conversation the earlier day. She had to have that coffee badly. She came out of her room and was hit by the usual divine aroma of filter coffee. Again, when she went to the kitchen, Gaurav stood there in his trademark black tracks and white polo neck full sleeved T shirt. He was making coffee and smiled looking at her.

He switched off the gas and strode towards her ever so slowly and she curled her toes in anticipation.

“…Um… how are… th… things at…at…th… the ho..hos…hospital…?” she stuttered and barely hearing her last words.

“…All good…” he smiled, his radiant beam of happiness infecting her and she was on the seventh heaven. He suddenly untied the belt of her robe and she squealed. He pulled her towards him.”…You don’t need that robe between us…”

“…But …Keith will be here. I…”

He ley his forehead on hers hugging her as she circled his neck, drawing her fingers into his mane. “Keith… won’t be coming here today. He will meet us downstairs at the car park when we leave…. He will follow us….” He said as he bent down to kiss her.

“…ummm…hey… are we going somewhere…? I mean…” the man was an infuriating mystery of the absolute first-hand and she now lived in a world of surmise… of uncertainties…

He smiled and kissed her and though Ria had questions the kiss was far more enticing. She went on her toes and met him half way again and they kissed. Within moments the kiss ignited the existing embers of passion with a graded intensity and he pushed her towards the passage wall outside the kitchen and lifted her hips against the wall…. still kissing her as he pressed his body to hold her in place. She curled her legs around him and heard him fumble with his pants. The next moment, he entered her in a sweep…

 He was panting after their release still holding her. Suddenly he looked into her eyes… The beautiful black depths sparkled as he asked, “…uh… protection…?”

Of course, the forever cautious planner had to ask! She smiled and kissed him on the lips once, before she released herself from his hold. “Don’t worry, I am on the pill. I had issues with my period. So am on the pill for regulating it. Four months now…”

He kissed her again and dragged her to his room where they showered together. But to her unutterable astonishment he was fully clothed and she longed to see him… actually touch his strong hard body which gave her pleasure till no end. However, she knew he would clam up and didn’t want this moment to pass. Her lips were swollen from the kiss but she wanted more! He took her twice in the bathroom… once against the shower tiles even as the water cascaded down their joined bodies, and once on the cabinet… she didn’t even know where he had pushed the toiletries. She once tried to pull his t shirt from the pant to run her hands on his body… but he held her hands behind her back and kissed her and she was lost…

She was wrapped in a fluffy towel when he kissed her nose. She looked up into his beautiful eyes… her favourite part of his facial features, they were so expressive.

“You keep looking at me like that and we won’t have that coffee or leave the house.” He said softly with humour lacing his voice making him look much younger. She vowed to make him smile more often, if she had it in her power…

After a quick breakfast, they left for their outing. Though her curiosity was getting the better of her, Gaurav said it was a surprise and refused to reveal the location. Keith met them near their car. He and another man in black clothes and goggles followed them closely in another car as they left the basement parking. Ria wondered why they needed security when she didn’t see any press hounds around and made a mental note to ask him later.

They reached a boutique. ‘Shanaya’s’. Ria had seen the place every time she had passed that route and had loved their ethnic collection. She was thrilled when Gaurav asked her to buy something nice for a special evening. Ms. Shay the manager of the store led her to a secluded corner which had changing rooms and took her measurements. She was asked to wait till Ms. Shay got her clothes for trial and Ria was glad she wasn’t given a choice. She wouldn’t know quality if it hit her on the face!

In the next half an hour she had tried twelve dresses but Gaurav hadn’t liked a single one. Ria pitied Ms. Shay who put up a smiling face and complied as told. Finally, she got a simple pink silk gown with a little work around the neck and the sleeves and Ria instantly loved it. She had liked many others as well but Gaurav had to veto it…

 She tried it on in the cubicle but wasn’t able to pull the zipper up at the back. She was about to call Ms. Shay when the door opened. She gasped as she turned around. Gaurav entered the cubicle filling the small space with both his magnanimous persona and her favourite cologne…  He turned her around so she faced the wall and slowly raised the zipper all the way up kissing her back till her neck. She was putty in his hands now as he nipped and sucked her shoulder and earlobe and she moaned…. Holding her palm to her mouth to muffle her sounds. Would someone hear her…? Sensing her thoughts Gaurav whispered into her ears, “…there’s is no one here and…. you in that dress…my dear are screaming… fuck me all over….” She almost shattered at those words. She felt him raise the dress up to her hips to reveal a simple cotton panties. He ripped it out with such force… she thought she would come right then. She felt him lower his zip and with an intensity that she had never seen or felt, he slammed into her. It took just two strokes from him, for her to reach the pinnacle of passion. Soon he followed her down the precipice growling into her ears and squeezing her hips. He then turned her and kissed her as if he was a parched traveller in a dessert and she was his oasis. Using his handkerchief, he wiped her down even as she was still reeling under the magnitude of her climax. She realized that the new dress was probably ruined. Once again as if reading her thoughts, He whispered, “You are definitely buying that dress. It’s yours… “

Finally, after paying a curious Ms. Shay and having the dress wrapped in a polythene, they left the boutique. Gaurav held her hand tightly, and Ria was blushing throughout. She had worn a denim skirt which reached just below her knee and a white cotton top which had complimented Gaurav’s blue jeans and white full sleeved T shirt. She was now without her panties and was highly conscious as she sat in the passenger seat of their car. She tried to pull her skirt lower felt his hand on hers. “Don’t do it… You don’t have to be conscious. You are stunning Ria…” Saying he took her hand to his lips and licked her fingers. She was beginning to feel the wetness in her core with that mere act. She was a goner. All she needed was his touch and her insides would turn to mush…. All her resolve to get to know him better before taking the next step was already down the drain and she was now on the verge of losing her sanity… but she wasn’t complaining… He slowly placed her hands on her lap and started the car. He looked ahead as he said, “It’s difficult to drive this damn thing when I know you aren’t wearing anything…. inside there….” Ria turned red. He continued, “…. ah that blush…you are adorable Ria. Your turning red makes my balls blue…” He adjusted his seat. She then saw it…his bulge. Well, at least she wasn’t the only one who felt the temperature in the car rise up.

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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