Their moments….


Chapter 37

The texts had unsettled her already fragile emotional state and Ria was anxious throughout the evening as she waited for Gaurav to return home. For three consecutive evenings she had ardently waited for him, before having picked at her dinner and going to bed unable to keep awake any longer. Why the hell was he doing this to her…? Today, however she decided to wait irrespective of the time. Earlier during lunch Keith had informed her that Gaurav loved the dinner last evening and had conveyed his thanks for the same. She had in turn told Keith to intimate her if and when Gaurav called him on phone and she knew he did. However, Keith had just given her his trademark smile. She waited up till 11PM and finally when she could no longer stay awake she returned to her bedroom just to freshen up and change into her night gown but eventually drifting off to a fitful sleep.

Ria was suddenly woken up by some noise and she sat up on the bed. She knew she was anything but a light sleeper so probably her mind was active with all that had happened in the afternoon. She somehow knew Gaurav was home… she looked at her cell phone, it was 1AM. She got up from her bed and looked into the mirror…which had become a habit now. She had worn a beautiful lavender gown …her personal favourite from the collection in the cupboard and her mood pepped up. She looked sleep deprived! But she was no longer sleepy now and slowly walked out of her room hoping to meet Gaurav and also kept her fingers crossed that he would talk to her.

The drawing room was dimly lit and Gaurav was watching an old movie but from the looks of it he was just staring at the screen and not really processing it. He was dressed in track pants and his trademark full sleeved polo neck T-shirt. He had headphones on so that’s why probably the TV volume was super low. She went close to him and he suddenly startled and looked up. His expressions were like a deer caught in headlights and she held herself from chuckling. He quickly removed the headphones and switched off the TV. He abruptly stood up. “Uh…Ria…I am sorry I disturbed you. I thought the TV was on mute but probably… uh…you can go back to sleep….” he wasn’t even looking at her but drew his hand through his head.

“Do you want some tea?” she asked… Tea really…she was certified nuts!

He looked at her as if she had grown horns. “What… what did you say?”

“I asked, if you wanted tea. I had got a pack of chamomile…  I was going to make some for myself…. So, would you have some…?” Ria repeated looking at him straight in the eye. He stared at her before swallowing and nodded. She briskly just turned around and went to the kitchen. As the water was boiling Ria was also trembling. She had pretended to be confident as if nothing had happened but she wanted to break the ice and hopefully the tea would do just that.

Gaurav was still in the drawing room sitting on the couch with head bent down and elbows on his knees. He had looked so lost earlier, her heart went out for him. He looked up as she came in with the tea tray… watching her every move with a frown glued to his forehead, making her conscious. She poured tea into two cups trying to control her shaking hands and offered him one. He took it looking into her eyes with an expressionless face watching her as she sat across sipping the hot liquid. After finishing he kept the cup in the tray and stood up with hands in his pockets. He looked down at her and softly asked, “What is it Ria?”

Ria stood up too and came towards him standing right before of him. She looked into his eyes folding her hands at her chest. “I think you should be answering this, shouldn’t you…?”

Gaurav kept looking at her and she could no longer control it. She was losing herself in those beautiful eyes where his emotions were all armoured up. She touched his arm. “What… what is it, Gaurav? Are you angry? Is it something I have done…? You didn’t even speak to me these last four days. Do you even realize…. how I must feel? I… I… I can’t take this Gaurav… I…” tears rolled down her cheeks.


Oh God help him…that was it for Gaurav and he could no longer hold it within. Ria looked like a dream in the lavender colored sleeveless satin night gown. He had impulsively purchased it on the sly and kept in her cupboard along with what Megha had bought for her before their marriage. He had often envisioned Ria wearing it and his boner would trouble him all night but the reality was irresistibly enticing. His erection was straining against his boxers…threatening to tear through his pants but her tears were always his undoing.

 He caught her shoulders and pulled her towards him and she immediately hugged him tight sobbing into his chest. Gaurav held her with his left hand and stroked her head with his right kissing her head. Nothing felt better than Ria in his arms and he knew she must have… felt him. She stopped crying and looked up, still hugging him. He gathered all his resolve and spoke with a tremor in his voice, “I… I had a reason to… stay away from you Ria… I didn’t want to… I… oh … just forget it…” He crushed her mouth feeling her soft lips abiding to his pressure, even as she moaned and opened her mouth giving him enough of an invitation. He slid his tongue inside…. she tasted of tea they had just shared. He groaned as she circled his neck further pulling him towards her. She was so inexperienced that he almost cried at her innocent faith in him and he was further falling for her hook line and stinker… not that he had any doubt about it. He couldn’t hold it any more… three years of containing himself and almost a year of regular cold showers he was sure … he fit the proverbial case of the blue balls…

He lifted his head and looked at her flushed face and that did it for him. He again bent down kissing her jaw on either side, her neck column which he had always dreamed of kissing and sucking. He gave her tiny bites and as she gasped, he soothed the area blowing on it… feeling her tremors beneath his palms. He kissed her clavicle, then back to the shoulder moving his line of pecks towards her neck as she bent giving him adequate access. He kissed her again on the lips, his hand now on her lower back pulling her towards him. She took in a shuddering breath and he suddenly released her as they both stood breathless. Ria looked up questioningly.

“Are… are you sure Ria…? Because I… I won’t be able… to stop… once I start…. and I… don’t want to ruin…I…” He almost turned around to leave before his resolve faltered but Ria held his hands and stopped him. He was dead… so so dead… She hugged him tightly and spoke in his chest “…Do you want this Gaurav…?” She then looked up into his eyes and asked him, “… Um… Do you want me…?”

He held her face feeling her soft skin soothing his rough palms as he whispered, “… Wantwant you? I crave for you Ria… I want you like my next breath… I… I have been sporting this hard-on since ages… I can’t get a grip over my feelings at this moment…” He then kissed her again. She went on her toes and circled his neck tight and after what seemed like eternity, they broke free. She squealed as he picked her up cradling her as she held his neck kissing the skin exposed over the cloth and he wished that the barrier would go away soon. He took her to his bedroom which was dimly lit too and gently laid her on the bed. She looked at him nervously as he sat next to her and took her hand in his. He said, “Ria… I…I.. know this is your first time… I will be very gentle ok…? But… if you are uncomfortable or… if it pains… just stop me ok…?”


Ria was overwhelmed with the concern on his face… he was so caring… every single time. Such a selfless man… an epitome of bewildering mystery…she knew in her heart he was misunderstood. She promised herself she would find out someday about why he was so averse to allow anyone to pierce the barriers he had set. She held his face which was right over hers now and dragged him towards her kissing him with everything she felt for him… pouring all her heart and soul into it. She felt his hands lifting up her night gown and blushed as he took the dress over her chest and in a moment, she was out of it. She had worn a purple silky matching set of bra and panties…. Thank God for little mercies and her good sense!  She coyly smiled and covered her chest with her hands and closed her thighs, shutting her eyes….

“Ria…” He spoke in a breathless voice igniting her senses. “…look at me dear…. this is going to be about you. Your pleasure…. I want… to see you come for me…. Just let go…” His words spoken in that sensuous voice caused the wetness to pool down at her apex even as she heard her favourite song play in her die-hard romantic mind.

…tu aata hai seene me… jab jab saanse bharti hu…

 He placed his arms on either of her side and rose on his knees keeping them on either side of her hips. He gently held her hands away. Ria gasped…. “Ria… Darling…. you are so beautiful…. every inch of you is stunning…”. He traced his forefinger around her right clavicle and got it down to the valley between her breasts. Oh God she was on fire… He used both his hands to unhook her bra from underneath her as she arched her back up… and her full round globes were released. He palmed them gently and flicked the tips and she heard a sound she realised was her moan… He kissed her on her mouth…

meri nazar ka safar… tujhpe hi aake ruke…

He bent down and took a brown tip into his mouth and sucked. Ria arched further and held his head close to her chest as his insatiable tongue toyed with her nipple. She was breathing fast giddy with the up-surging wave of orgasm already taking root in her belly. He left her right nipple and blew on the wet peak and moved to the left mound screaming for his attention. He looked at her as she watching him with her half-mast dreamy eyes.  He then started to kiss her chest… the area between her breasts and moved down towards her navel. He licked her navel and felt her tremble.

As he moved lower, he caught her panty edge in his teeth and dragged it down gently. Soon the panty was off too and she reflexively cupped herself. He moved upwards towards her face and gently but passionately kissed her as she let go of her inhibition and kissed him back.

“…Ria …Ria…if I don’t get inside you soon…. I am going to cum all over your stomach….” He said into her mouth huskily.

…Tu jo mujhe aamila…. Sapne hue sirphire…

Ria was feeling euphoria penetrate her pores even as she kissed him again feeling bold to take the initiative. She held him through the track pant and he swore… immediately leaving the bed and switching off the lights plunging the room in total darkness as he came towards her. He climbed on top of her again and she heard him… felt him remove his pants and boxers. She felt his erection near her thighs and held him… again… hering him suck in his breath…Oh how she loved that sound… He was so huge… she gasped. She heard a wrapper as he moved away…. He must be putting on the condom, she thought. She saw his silhouette come towards her again and felt him at her entrance. He gently fingered her and murmured sweet nothings into her ear. She held him tight towards her wanting to feel him chest to chest but… he hadn’t removed his shirt.

He was driving her crazy as his fingers explored her secret crevice and she lost herself in the moment.

“…that’s it Ria…” He whispered into her ears as he touched her clit. “…You are… so wet… Is it for me dear…?”.  

She knew what he wanted to hear. “…Yes… its all for you… only you…”

 He kissed her and pinched her clit and she shattered with a loud cry. She came with his finger moving in and out of her wetness…. He applied her juices around her clit. Even as she came down from her maiden orgasm, she felt him at her entrance. She was a little anxious but he kissed her shoulders and neck and she was back into the game.

He whispered again, “Ria…it will pain… a little but… I will not hurt you…trust me…”

 Ria nodded. Suddenly he bit her shoulder and she cried out at the sting when he entered her and slowly he filled her.

She felt complete.

koun tujhe yun pyaar karega… jaise main karti hun….


Gaurav was in heaven he was sure. He was inside Ria… her softness… the only place he had ever yearned to be…. The way she was reacting to his touch putting in all her trust in him, was too much for him to endure. He slipped out of her wet tight cul-de-sac and plunged inside again deep till she could no longer take him in. He repeated till he was thrusting in and out at a breath-taking speed and she matched him thrust to thrust. He touched her clit and she splintered screaming out something unintelligible… he followed her soon after crying out her name and fell on her…. releasing inside her.

That was the best… THE BEST release he ever had. She had sheathed him so tightly… fuck… they matched each other so well…. He discarded the condom and got back to the bed lying next to her facing her. He pulled her tightly against his chest as she looked up at him her beautiful eyes filled with tears sparkling in the dark.

“…Did…I hurt you Ria?” He frowned. Oh God…

“…No…No… It was the best moment of my life Gaurav. Th…Thank you for this.” Ria whispered as her eyes shut.

Gaurav continued to hold her close to him as if she would disappear and soon, he was asleep…

For the first time in years he slept peacefully…deeply and he didn’t have the nightmare…

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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