Book Review: Devi- the mystery of the Kolkata Murders

Author: Prasun Roy

A beautiful story set in the backdrop of the famous Navaratri celebrations in Kolkatta.

The author uses every day from Mahalaya to Maha Dashami as a chapter to highlight aspects of a series of crimes, their investigation and finally culminating into a climax. The endpoint is victory over evil which is the significance of our festivals.

Amid the festivities, a fugitive business baron Durgacharan Mahesh is being extradited from Spain to Kolkatta en route to Mumbai. Police Commissioner Chouhan and his team are given the task of successfully transferring the baron amidst the high-tension duty of maintaining law and order during the festivities. However, a murder takes place and they are left with a  clue, the word ‘Devi’ written in blood beside the body. This is followed by a series of murders with similar MO and the word written and the police are clueless about who is the self-proclaimed vigilante set to right the wrongs. The dead people are connected to heinous crimes from not very long ago and the police are at a loss even as bodies pile up.

The story moves ahead as secrets from the past unravel and finally ends in a stunning discovery.

The author through this story has thrown light on how the rich and influential get away with sinister crimes and the cascading effect remains in the form of disgruntlement and very often resulting in vengeful activities.

The end is a bit rushed, otherwise, the story keeps the reader glued.

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