Book Review: Stolen Legacies

Author: Aditya Banerjee

A thriller plot revolving around a stolen box from the state archives. This according to the police of the time is considered insignificant. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A couple of young journalists Manik and Kedar look into it. While the former is reeling under the pressures of a scandalous article the latter is less liked in the organisation.

The pox turns out to be a Pandora’s box holding secrets which if revealed could cause unimaginable chaos. The backlash received for the innocuous article seems to have multiple layers stemming from the box itself.

The author has extensively researched the media play at the time and has creatively weaved the plot in its intricate fibres, using politics and corruption to complete the sinister picture.

This even applies to current times where the media have a role to play and move beyond tabloid gossip. The repercussions of the revelations in the story bring out the essence of the plot leading it to a crescendo of climax.

The author’s research is commendable and so is the ability to balance multiple layers. The only drawback as a reader I feel the colloquialism could have been done away with and the language could have been crisper. This could have increased the pace of the narrative. Occasionally, there is a redundancy setting, and the author probably would like to look into it.

Overall an interesting read.

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