Book Review: Eating Wasps

Author: Anita Nair

A thirty-five-year-old single woman, Sreelakshmi from near Nila kills herself. She has been a zoology professor with a safe government job and is also a Sahitya Academy winner. However, a finer of hers is cut and preserved in a secret compartment of an antique cupboard. Years later it gets exposed and here begins the journey across lives. Sreelakshmi tells the story from another realm and the author intercepts her journey with many others who happen to touch the digit.

There is Megha a 6-year-old rape survivor, there is an acid attack survivor Najma, Urvashi who looks for love outside her marriage of convenience after being tired of pretenses… etc. Each story talks of the struggle faced by these women in myriad circumstances. It brings out the darker side of humanity where feminism is pushed into a corner.

The book is an in-depth read, that takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. Some make you ponder while some leave you wanting more. Some stories were open-ended and I wish to know more…

I particularly loved the authors writing style and command over the language. The use of figures of speech is commendable. I look forward to reading more of her works.


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