Book Review: Mis(s) Adventures Of A Salesgirl

Author: Aashisha Chakraborty


This is a story about 25-year-old Enakshi Chatterji from Delhi who is sent as an MBA intern to a Telecom company office in Chennai. What follows is a roller coaster of a ride, as she struggles with the extreme heat, indifference from her colleagues, prejudice, sexual advances, and language issues. She realizes that field-work in sales is no joke, particularly in a male-dominated profession.

She also sets up on a quest to uncover a twenty-five-year-old family secret that reveals itself and throws her into an emotional upheaval that threatens to change the dynamics of her closest relationships.

The fast-paced story despite its turbulence is a light and breezy read that makes you smile, and keep your heart on your sleeve. It bares the grim reality that’s faced by women in a hard-core patriarchal society. It also speaks about forgiveness and acceptance in a way that tugs your heartstrings.

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