Book Review: Forbidden

Author: Rajiv Shah

The book revolves around a love triangle or rather, a man three-timing women. Squash players Karan and Simran fall deeply in love and both feel they have found their respective soulmates and it was destiny that brought them together mind, body, and soul. However, the svelte and good-looking Pooja from Karan’s office too has the hots for him.

What Simran isn’t aware is that Karan is already married with a kid and that devastates her. However, the two soon reconcile and decide to elope as he plans to divorce his wife whom he apparently never loved. But on the same morning, he develops cold feet and Simran is shattered. She decides to move on in life and meets Kunal another Squash player in Abu Dhabi. They are married within a month and Simran plunges into marital life despite her heart still beating for Karan whom she still loves.

One day Karan who has been missing since the night before Simran’s destination wedding in Goa is found dead.

From here the author takes us on a journey that’s a roller coaster ride, where he peels off layer after layer of the plot to zero in on the killer. Rahul and Susan from the Crime Branch are the chief detectives handling the case.

The pace of the murder mystery is maintained throughout and the author has narrated the story in the picturesque backdrop of UAE, Goa and Squash. The terms are well-researched and the ending isn’t rushed. The author is also a talented poet and has penned some mesmerizing verses beautifully blending into the dialogues and tugging at your heartstrings.



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