Book Review: Long Run- A paradise augmented


Author: T Sathish

A different take on the Y2K period and the financial roller coasters during the period.

For a reader who is not familiar with financial nuances, particularly the stock market fluctuations, this book explains everything very lucidly.

Raghu, the protagonist has it all very early being foresighted and judges the pulse of the markets. As a result by the time he is 25, he reaches the pinnacle of success. In the interim, he lets go of the true love of his life and close friends and family behind in pursuit of further success.

Tragedy strikes and following a gruesome accident he is rendered neurologically compromised and visually impaired. After wallowing in self-pity for a long time he channelizes his energies and emerges to become an award-winning fund manager despite his handicap.

This is a story of resilience against all odds and a motivating journey. The twist, in the end, justifies the subtitle!

Over all the language is simple and the print is easy on the eyes as well.

However, there is a lot of to and fro with timelines that causes a bit of disjoint in the plot. NOnetheless overall its an interesting read.

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