Book review: Operation Pakistan: terror strike

Author: Dwyane Pimenta


This book is for those who love stories involving the Army and the Special ops. Initially, the plot seems cliched with the usual run-in-the-mill anti-terror operation story. But as you read further, the elements shine out in form of technicalities involved in following through special ops.

As the cross-border attacks get brazen by the day the honourable PM decides to put a stop for the mindless bloodshed. Black Smoke, India’s super-secret black-ops team is given the responsibility with destroying Pakistan’s very sources of terror using their specialised covert operations. It’s also an opportunity for India to test the world’s first military flying saucer-shaped UAV under battle conditions. The author has given a lot of information regarding the development of the UAV and its significance.
The story moves ahead with the R&AW receiving intelligence about a highly disgruntled senior ISI officer  willing to defect to India. the rest of the plot tells us how the country’s top defence levels work to use this fact to our advantage and  bring it all to fruition.

The author has bifurcated the genres to bring in the needed change element so that made the story less cliched.

An interesting read overall!

P.S: tighter editing can make this one a super thriller!


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