Book Review: Nothing Lasts Forever

Author: Vish Dhamija

It’s a superbly spun plot. What began as an accidental death investigation years ago will soon emerge as a crucial piece of evidence and the unravelling of a crime that hits the nation. hard.
The story belongs to the protagonists Raaj Kumar and his svelte wife Serena the ultimate power couple. Raaj is found dead in an accidental fire in his plush residence. He is a financial advisor to high-net-worth individuals and though the inspector in charge Michael D’Cunha suspects foul-play, he can’t prove it. the case is closed and Seremna moves ahead in life.
However, the twist in the tale is unforeseen and I have to credit the author that the thriller writer in me didn’t expect this.
Enter SP Kabir Singh who is transferred to CBI to investigate a high-profile case that affected the nation years ago. As the mystery unravels, connections from the past emerge as D’Cunha and Kabir investigate stealthily.
What exactly happened that day when Raaj died? Was there anything amiss and what was the crucial link connecting the two cases years later?

A very intriguing unputdownable read!

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