Book Review: Until I Find You

Author: Kanchana Banerjee

A beautiful amalgamation of multiple tiny plots that blend into a super climax with an unexpected end.

The story begins with the discovery of a cut limb buried in a construction site. The inspectors in charge are not allowed to investigate further but Officer Virat decides to go about it stealthily. Mainly because he has doubts about whom the severed leg belongs to.

Jenny arrives in the sleepy town of Rajasthan after she sees the picture of a little boy in a magazine whom she suspects is the son of her dead close friend Rubina. Jenny who uses the name as an alias has a history of being abused at the hands of her mother who was a prostitute. She had a tough life and things went downhill when she was taken in by a self-proclaimed cult leader Vishesh. She escaped when taking a leaf out of the Peoples Temple mass suicide murder, the entire cult was erased from the phase of the earth.

Jenny’s past threatens to catch up with her particularly when she joins hands with Virat. As they unearth the layers of the crime and as the truth unfolds, the sinister plan underneath it all is revealed, leading to a diabolical climax.

Are the cases related? Does Jenny achieve what she has set to do?

This is a thriller with a twist in the end that was unexpected!

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