Book Review: That Night

Author: Nidhi Upadhyay

I ventured into reading the horror genre a year ago and have read quite a number of books with different perspectives in the same genre.

This is one such variation.

The story is about four friends in a hostel in Kurukshetra who indulged in a game of Ouija twenty years ago. However, that night results in the death of Sania their despicable hostel mate. The friends decide to take the secret to their grave from then on and for the next two decades, they live their own lives away from each other.

However now someone begins to mess with their lives sending ripples along their quiet life waters. Their lives, relationships, friendships, everything is now at stake. It looks like the occult is out there to get them all in a quest to avenge Sania’s death. The friends gear up and come together to work out a solution and that opens a can of worms. Secrets that each of them had hidden finally spring out…

Would it destroy everything? that’s what the story is all about. I liked the lucid language and vocabulary. However, too much back and forth in timelines was causing breaks in the reading rhythm. Similarly, there were a couple of discrepancies in the events as well. there were a couple of redundant statements. The ending was interesting but rushed… actually some of the events don’t seem plausible but I guess given the genre, its fine.




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