Book Review: Captain Khadoos

Author: Arjun Hemmady

The book is a paragon for cricket lovers. The writer has based the story futuristically in 2025CE.

The story is about the Indian cricket player Suraj Bhatkal. It’s his journey from a rookie nobody in the 8th grade to eventually captaining the Indian cricket team and leading it to its formidable glory. the book has all the ingredients that we see in a typical high-tension cricket test match or an ODI. It involves on-field banter between players of the same team vs the opposition that helps the reader draw parallels with the current trends.

However, the author touches on a very crucial element in the life of a sportsperson, i.e. Mental health. Here too Suraj has major breakdowns early in his career. However timely help from the concerned professionals helps him overcome and tide over the tough phases of his life.

The author has incorporated a lot of behind-the-scenes stories in the narrative.

Makes for an endearing and interesting read.

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