Book Review: The Fire Ant’s Sting, desire diaries

Author: Kamalini Natesan

Human desires manifest in innumerable forms. Ranging from a state of damnation to obscurity, from jealousy to intimacy, desire ranges and rages often threatening to consume us whole.

The author brings out 12 forms of desires through twelve short stories. Each story evolved in its own domain and has the raw appeal that sucks the reader into its throes. Whether its the watchtower man who is happily living his ‘watching’ fantasies and marries a specially-abled woman to continue the same unhindered, or an ex-pat couple’s illicit desire to hoard wealth, or a helicopter mom’s eagerness to please the world every story is strung on the comment thread of ‘desire’

The language is lucidly interspersed with some amazing vocabulary and the author demonstrates her command over the language. Some elements are left open-ended and that brings about the intrigue quotient into play. A myriad of human emotions tinged with pathos hues… But that’s what desire is all about, isn’t it?

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