Book Review: The House At Riverton

Author: Kate Morton

“Within its four walls lay a secret that would last a lifetime…” says the writing on the book cover and it lives true in every sense of the word.

A brilliantly written fictional memoir, the book makes the reader go through various turmoils and upheavals in the time, in the early 1900s

The story vacillates between 1999 and 1924.

Grace Bradley is now 98 years old and she had been a housemaid at Riverton manor in the 1920s. When a young film director approaches her to make a movie surrounding the murder mystery of a poet at the time, Grace is engulfed with old memories. Ghosts emerge so do secrets hidden in the depths of her subconscious… as the only living witness to suicide/murder that changed the course of different lives in the manor.

Though history has forgotten it all and in some dusty corners lie the narrative, unheard and unsung, Grace juggles between her memories and present self. She decides to record it all for her writer-grandson and reveals it all in a bid to get closure for herself and leave the world guilt-free.

As the War-damaged summers of the past pave the way to the decadent turn of the century, this is a thrilling read and if one can call it, a compelling love story.

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