Book Review: The Man Who Avenged Bhagat Singh

Author: Abhijeet Bhalerao

Bhagat Singh was someone I have always revered and that is why the title caught my attention. The author is known for his expertise in history and that is seen through the immaculate detailing and thought-provoking write-up.
Besides the plot of how Bhagat Singh’s death was avenged, the story tells us about the sacrifice by the freedom fighters because of whom we breathe freedom to date. The revolutionaries were very young. Bhagat Singh was in his early 20s while some were in their teens. They didn’t hesitate to lay down their lives for the country.
The protagonist Baikunth Sukul emerged from the shadows and stayed right there as he trained and eventually followed his idol Bhagat Singh’s path of freedom struggle and the movements. The betrayal of Phanindra Nath Ghosh hit hard as the revolutionaries became sitting ducks; Phani Babu who once was a part of the movement, turned approver and revealed it all to the British. It didn’t take long for the powerful English to take out the pillars of revolution one by one beneath the façade of ‘fair’ trails.
Phani Babu was provided security by the British but eventually, it proved futile against the brilliant warrior, Baikunth who slayed the traitor.
The author has vividly described the complete evolution of the plot right from when Bhagat Singh killed Saunders to the smoke bomb in the parliament to the freedom movement that never lost its momentum spearheaded by Chandrashekhar Azad.
It’s a lesson to us all to realise how invaluable freedom is, particularly since it rests on the sacrifices made by the bravehearts. The author’s work is commendable. It’s not preachy, yet it is an invisible punch to the solar plexus and forces you to sit back and think.
This book can well be passed off as non-fiction. A must-read for history lovers.

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