Book Review: Time Was

Author: Nora Roberts

A storyteller of immeasurable diversity and talent Nora Roberts brings yet another heart-touching tale of romance.

The story is about time travel. The female protagonist Liberty Stone is astounded to find the pilot of a plane crash, just dazed and with a little injury to his forehead. The man, Caleb Hornblower is lucky to be alive since he is injured in the snowy mountain with no human for miles away.

He is stranded in the remote cabin with Libby and its not  rocket science to know, sparks fly, enough to cause an inferno!! Their bodies collide so do their hearts and now Cal is heartbroken when its time to leave. The reason, was he was piloting a spaceship and was from three centuries later when he crashed accidentally after scratching a black hole.

I am a huge Nora Roberts fan but this plot was as bizarre as it could get. The POVs were mixed up and this didn’t have a typical Nora Roberts narrative feel. Nonetheless, I chose to be charmed given my loyalty to her as a reader.



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