Book Review: When Krishna was Cursed

Author: Rohan Vinayaa

The book is a sojourn into the mythological realm spanning the period spent by Lord Krishna in obtaining the Syamantaka stone. The book is not just an account of what may have transpired but also a lesson to mankind throughout.

When the owner of the Syamantaka, Satrajit is approached by Krishna for the divine stone hoping to resolve the economic crisis plaguing Mathura, the latter returns empty-handed. However soon after Prasenjit, Satrajit’s younger brother goes hunting along with the stone and doesn’t return and Satrajit’s emotionally blinded suspicions accuse Krishna of having sabotaged his brother for the stone.

What follows is Krishna’s quest to unravel the mystery behind the youngster’s disappearance in the forest. The story also includes snippets from different yogas and their invaluable lessons eventually explaining the true meaning of KARMA.

Overall it makes an interesting read.


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