Chapter 25

Kajal sprinkled the finely chopped cilantro on the kanda poha she prepared for breakfast that day. It was almost a week since KB had come home from the hospital. A couple of nights though there was a male nurse with him, she kept vigil just in case. But later, they settled into a rhythm.

She saw to his food preparations and cooking had never been so much fun before. The staff too loved and appreciated what she sprang up and she made it a point to feed it to him, his right hand still being in the cast. The left was better though there were a few tremors. KB’s physiotherapist was doing a great job and she helped him with the evening workouts.

They spent the afternoons playing monopoly or scrabble and KB was super fun to be with. They spoke about so many topics under the sky. Be it her culinary skills, Krunal had come one day and by the time he left he was only singing KB’s praises. Kajal had been thrilled to see his reaction and an indirect approval. She was also in a happy space and hoped her newly established camaraderie with KB wouldn’t end.

She realized for once in her life she had a friend, and she was so comfortable with him around, she had felt carefree for the first time in her life.

But life wasn’t a bed of roses, was it?

She placed the breakfast tray on his nightstand and turned to leave, he held her wrist and tugged her back towards him. She giggled as she fell on him, worried if she had hurt him. But he was stronger than he looked. He turned her around and pinned her to the bed with a single arm holding both of hers above her head. The movement brought his face closer to hers, her peaked chest beads straining to get out and feel his bare one.

Yes, he slept with just his shorts on, something she had discovered a couple of days into the house. And she had drooled the way they fit around his toned hips. He never used a blanket, and she had stared at his sleeping form as the robust torso sprinkled with the black hair formed the V as it entered into the elastic…. She blushed even now as he stared into her eyes.

“Care to share your thoughts…?” He whispered and she smiled as he continued. “…you think I didn’t know how many times you touched my body with your roving eyes? Do you even know what it did to me? Especially since both my hands were tied? So you think you can get away with it?”

She felt his warm breath on her face as he came closer, as well as the sharp prod in her belly. Her breath caught in her chest as he gently nipped at her lower lip. He didn’t need to nudge her as she opened up her softness and his waiting tongue made the plunge. As he explored, she raised her hips towards him, and he had crushed her under him. All clothed he rocked back and forth, and she thought she would die of lust. But, instead, she wanted him with hunger like never before.

She hadn’t been with anyone before and she couldn’t imagine anyone else more suited to pop her cherry… she went beet red at the thought even as she surrendered to the pleasure he was inflicting on her.

He stopped kissing and raised himself on his elbow. He looked at his hand in the sling and fell back on the bed, rubbing his face with his arm. She didn’t know where she got the guts from, but at that moment, they were alone at home, and some strange confidence overcame her.

She moved over him even as he stilled, startled, watching her wide-eyed. She straddled him her legs on either of his sides and placed her palms on his bare chest, feeling the softness of the gathered hair. She carefully moved her palms in the limited area because of the sling, touching his areolas, and then her index fingers touched his aroused nipples.

“You are… killing me here Kajal… I am trying to keep my hands off…”

“Shhhh… this is for you… only for you KB…” She whispered.


“What?” She was confused.

“Call me Krish…” He spoke, his eyes sparkling with some strange emotion.

She smiled and nodded. “Krish… this is for you… I don’t know how to, but…”

He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing and she could see he was nervous as well… That gave her the needed impetus. She touched him from his chest downwards towards his hips and with trembling hands, she lowered the elastic of his shorts. He hadn’t worn anything else beneath and his arousal sprang out, hitting her palm.

Astonished she felt the wetness pool in her crevice… she gripped him. He gasped as she increased the pressure of her hold. At that moment, nothing else existed around her except for his larger-than-life presence. His face contorted as if he was controlling his emotions. She moved her face closer to her hand her eyes not leaving his.

She kissed his shiny tip and felt him stiffen further… she licked the salty drop, and he closed his eyes shut, his jaw clenching, his non-plastered wrist closed tightly. She saw his veins jutting and wait… what were those marks? They didn’t look fresh bruises… something tanned between the bruises. She rose and looked at his thighs… she had missed it earlier in the throes of passion. She saw bruising in his inner thighs as well. They were old bruises for sure. 

Not to break the moment for him, she kissed his length and wrapped her palm gently over the shaft, sliding it up and down. It barely took a moment, and his warm liquid sprayed up and flowed down her palm as he grunted and then lay panting, his shapely abs now covered with a  sheen of sweat.

She walked to the washroom and, after washing her hands, brought out a wet towel and wiped him clean. He covered himself and lay on the bed, his drooping eyelids covering his satisfied gaze. He held out his hand, and she moved into his embrace.

“It was terrific…thank you…” he spoke softly, kissing her crown.

They lay silent in that manner with only their soft breaths and the chiming of the clock for company.



“What are those bruises… were you injured? Earlier? Even saw a few on your back that day when…”

He stiffened and sat up straight. What just happened? Did she speak something she shouldn’t have?

“Kajal… there are things about me that you don’t know about and I request you not to ask me about it.” He bluntly spoke and rose, drawing up a pair of new shorts with great difficulty and walking out of the room.

Before she could understand the situation, the doorbell rang, and she straightened her clothes, rushing to answer the door. A beautiful woman in tight-fitting clothes emanating some expensive perfume fragrance with a face covered with war paint stared at her. Then without saying anything, she barged inside. Kajal knew her as Hetal…KB’s girlfriend…

“KB? What the hell? Why are the codes changed? You were in an accident, and I wasn’t even informed. Just returned from an assignment in Vancouver, and this is what I see…” She screamed and turned to look at a flabbergasted Kajal.

KB, who was now fully clothed, walked downstairs and gestured Hetal to sit on the couch while going to his bedroom. He stopped in his tracks as the doorbell rang again, and Kajal walked in a  daze to do the needful. This time there was a man in a safari suit and goggles perched on his nose. She didn’t unlock the door.

“Yes, please?” She asked.

“Tell KB his Subodh mama is here…”

KB walked towards the door and unlatched it.

The man walked in and sat on the opposite couch as if he belonged here. KB joined Hetal on the other couch and said. “To what do I owe your visit, mama?”

“I heard you were in… an accident so can’t I come to check on you? I was told you were to get married tomorrow… but now…doesn’t look like… and then there is one in the waiting and one next to you… so this marriage…” The man chuckled, and Kajal’s insides cringed.

“Don’t worry, mama everything is going to be fine….” KB spoke, standing up and walking towards her. He put his arm around her shoulder. “…Meet Kajal, my would-be wife. We are getting married tomorrow…”

Three pairs of eyes stared at KB with varied expressions.

All I yearn for is his alluring glimpse

My mind-body-soul craves for the magical unison

Where the morning sees our entangled limbs

Why is the universe so wanton?


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