first date?

Chapter 13

Preeti entered the drawing room and sat on one of the many elegant couches. There were three sets of those arranged neatly in the spotlessly clean drawing room which opened into a veranda from one side. The adjacent wall housed a mini aquarium…really? If it was meant to spell bound her it was doing the job… The three-seater was so soft that she almost slept off in exhaustion. She was physically tired after the action she had some time back in the storeroom. Her insides quivered at the slight tremors of the orgasm that made its way from her memory. It was then she gasped with realisation…she didn’t have her panties on. She shifted on the couch holding her purse tight. She took in deep breaths to stop the onslaught of fresh tears.  She pinched her nose and tried to control her emotions. She was in such a mess…

She looked around the beautifully decorated room. The drawing room reeked of money but she found it sterile just like his house in Mumbai. No family pictures or nothing like a personal touch. All made up… a total ‘charade’…just like him?

She shuddered and looked down at her clasped hands. She took out her phone and Googled him. But there was no information…Absolutely NO information at all about him. Neither Gautam Rathore nor Vikram Singh. As if they didn’t exist at all. How can that happen in today’s age of internet? Unless of course he was lying… but why the pretence? What was he hiding? She felt throttled as she thought of the time spent with him and more than everything the blind trust she had on him. She had never felt more betrayed.

As she kept contemplating her next step she heard laughter and saw Rewa and Gautam walk down the stairs. Rewa was smiling coyly and her saree was out of place. She had worn a thin shoulder blouse… she had covered it well so Preeti hadn’t seen it on their way here. And now it was terribly… wrinkled. Preeti wanted to puke. What a monster he was… first had his way with her and then immediately with her sister? She couldn’t wait to get away from the maniac and his haunted house.

As she stood she saw Rewa was losing her footing. Oh God was she drunk? Rewa never drank but she barely knew her sister now. It was as if six years had metamorphosed her into this being she couldn’t recognise.

She shuffled to Preeti and held her hands. “Preee…ti… Um…I am…so…so…haa..aaappy.. Cant gggoo home like ththth…this… Baaapu will kkkiiilll mmmmee…” She giggled as if she had cracked a joke. “..Ple…ple…please stay back w..wwwith meee…” Saying she fell on her dropping them both on the couch behind. She was totally stoned. Gautam rushed to the couch and lifted Rewa and made her lie down on the adjoining couch which was bigger. He then removed her footwear and raising her head rested it on the throw pillow. He rushed to some room inside the hallway and got a blanket. He covered her and Rewa cuddled herself to sleep. Preeti was staring wide eyed at what was going on.

“You… you did this on purpose, didn’t you?” She looked at him accusingly.

He stared at her hands on his hips. Then gave a side smile and looked away shaking his head.

“I have informed your home that both of you are going to be here. They won’t worry. Just…freshen up and join me for dinner.”

Preeti was getting angrier by the minute. “I…I am not hungry.”

“Well the body needs fuel to run isn’t it? Especially after you burnt so many calories sometime back… should I remind you…?” He moved towards her.

She quickly shuffled backwards. “…Stay…stay away from me…”

He raised his hands as if in submission and said, “On one condition. Have dinner with me…. Please…”

His voice was so soft…exactly like the times she had heard it in his house in Mumbai. Oh…how she missed it.

 She nodded and followed him to the veranda adjoining the drawing room.  She stopped suddenly as she saw the sight before her. A table for two was decorated with scented candles. There was a tray of food kept besides it and a jug of some juice from which he was pouring some into two glasses. He got a glass for her and she took it. She realised she was parched. She finished the drink in three huge gulps.

“Aww… that’s what I like about you Preeti…. Absolutely no faking anything. So…pure.” He purred coming close to her.

“Was this… was this for…” she gestured to the table and back to Rewa sleeping inside.

“…for you Preeti…it’s all your favourite food. I even have sev puri… you love it right?” He said softly again with that deep baritone of his which got back the flood of memories she had to shut her eyes tightly to swim through them.

She opened her eyes as she felt him close to her. Their breaths mingled as he closed in to seal her lips with his. She tried resisting but was powerless…totally engulfed by her feelings for him. Before she knew he had taken her glass from her hands. Soon his arms were around her and she felt the helplessness of the surging tide within. He bent her head back across his arm and brought down his lips on hers. At first slowly and then demanding. The swift gradation of intensity made her cling to him. She held his t shirt as if it was the only thing which wouldn’t let her drown in her own passion and pulled him further towards her. She was giddy with the emotional roller coaster she had been through last couple of days and before she realised she was kissing him back with and equal fervour. He groaned and pulled away.  She frowned at the sudden break … but he held her hands and said, “Dinner’s getting cold… come on…”

She was a puppet in his hands as he pulled out the chair for her. He sat across and served her sev puri… it had softened a bit but she loved the taste. She felt so much better. Food always did that to her. That’s why she was a self-taught good cook. Next came Kadhi chaval… her comfort food…of course he knew it. He knew everything…

She didn’t know how hungry she was till she saw how much she had wiped out from the plate! She wiped her mouth and stood up to collect the dishes. He stopped her and took her hand in his. He pulled her towards him. Her unruly curls blew in the gentle breeze and he gently moved them behind her ears. His eyes were so intense and soft at the same time, she was reminded of the Gautam she had known in Mumbai.  Instantly tears sprang into her eyes and she blinked to keep them away. Still one stubborn drop made its way down her cheek. He held her face and kissed the drop away…his lips lingering on her cheek a moment longer. He moved towards her ear and she shut her eyes giving in to the sensations he evoked within her…every time a different one she didn’t even know existed. He suddenly straightened and lifted her rushing towards a bedroom on the first floor.

He kicked open a room and strode to a double bed and dropped her on it. She looked around… she only saw darkness and his lips descended upon her. She tried to speak and his mouth was over hers again. Suddenly she had a wild thrill such as she had never known; joy, fear, madness, excitement, surrender to arms that were too strong, lips too bruising, fate that had moved too fast. Everything else seemed inconsequential at that moment. He leaned into her rubbing her body with his…her crotch with his bulge… She was overwhelmed with the explosive sensations oozing from her pores. Before she knew he tore open her blouse and pulled her skirt in a jiffy. He resumed the kiss as he released her breasts from the confines of her cotton bra. She pulled at his t-shirt and in lightning speed he was off her… He got back without his clothes and as her eyes got accustomed to the dark she could see his silhouette crouch towards her like the panther he was. Her heart was thudding in her chest with want and anticipation. He moved between her legs and lifted one leg over his shoulder. She didn’t know what he was doing but the next moment he plunged himself into her wetness. She was so aroused that he easily slipped in and out of her. She held her tits and pinched her nipples. He rocked grunting and the sound of his balls hitting her ass cheeks as he stroked in and out of her soft core ignited the fire and soon exploded behind her eyes.  He paused momentarily feeling her spasms and then wound her legs around his hips. He held her hands above her head and he claimed her lips and continuing to ride her. The bed creaked with the intensity of their movements. She raised her hips matching each of his thrust and then suddenly she erupted again…she had no more control over her body. He started to spasm even before her shudders stopped growling his release. She held him tightly and screamed as yet another orgasm erupted rocking her body off the bed.

Preeti never knew climax could even be like this… of such intensity. She blushed as she lay limp in his arms. He was still holding her close their chests touching and legs intertwined within each other. He kissed her forehead as she inhaled his musky scent…another trait of his she had always loved… She smiled as she buried her face in the crook of his neck feeling his stubble on her cheek as she did. Within moments she was asleep…

She was woken up by a sense of rising arousal, somewhere in the night. As she was awake completely she realised she was on her back, her thighs spread and ….Oh God….he was down there lapping at her core. As if on autopilot her hands moved in the direction seeking his head. Her hips started to rise as the walls of her sex started to clench. But he held her down with his strong hand as he ate her up. He pinched her nub and that did it. She flew spasming around his tongue and then his fingers as he inserted them into her passage. He drove them in and out as her first orgasm gave way to the next. By the time she was done she was totally spent. She felt him move behind her to spoon her and the last whisper she heard before she fell into oblivion was, “I missed having my dessert at dinner…so enjoyed it now….”

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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