Chapter 1

The next day

Namrata looked around the room. The suite was…. Simply Majestic. She had only read about them or seen pictures online while researching for her manager. Her bed was huge and soft so were the countless pillows surrounding her. She looked at the other side of the bed. It was empty. She picked up a pillow and took a deep breath… hmmm it was the same cologne. Her insides clenched as she remembered her tryst last night…

The earlier night

“you are late, my little sparrow…” he had said in the dark. His tone… sensuous.

She felt a cold blast of the AC vent as she moved ahead with baby steps. She shivered not knowing why… whether it was the AC or… his voice. Suddenly the night lamp was switched on illuminating the largest poster bed she had ever seen. She was so tired she could sleep by just touching it… But where was he?

She was about to speak when a pair of hands circled her hips from behind and pulled her towards him. She was too stunned to speak. She felt his breath in her right ear and automatically bent her neck on the left side… He kissed and nipped at her exposed neck. She heard some sound and realised she was moaning… As he kept sucking her neck his one hand flattened against her belly and pulled her back tightly. His other hand held her left hand straight, their fingers interlocked. He rubbed his arousal on her lower back. Her breathing was laboured. His hand on her belly rose upwards towards her chest. Suddenly both his hands held her globes through her dress. Her nipples were already peaked due to the cold and because of what he had been doing… He pinched them through her clothes and she screamed as she had the first orgasm of her life…She saw stars and almost collapsed with exhaustion.

She felt him lift her…  She was laid on the bed gently. She was a virgin and wondered if she should tell him. She wondered what she had to do when he came up to her… on her. She was lost in those eyes. He held her thin wrists above her head with his hand. He momentarily stopped and looked at her as if waiting for her to stop. But she was putty in his hands. With his other hand he raised her short gown and tore away the panties. She gasped as he put a finger inside her… then two. He slid them in and out with a fast pace till she could hold it no longer and she shattered… Before her breathing slowed, he freed her wrists and came out of his clothes. He stared into her eyes as he undressed… She could feel the fire build up again within her.

He took something from his wallet and climbed up on the bed. He used his teeth to open the packet and wore it in a jiffy. With the same speed and before she could anticipate anything he slammed into her.

Namrata stilled with the pain and shock, at the invasion. But he slid out and soon started moving to and fro. He held her face and kissed her… devoured her. She arched her back and tightened her hold on his arms. She screamed into his mouth as she came. He straightened himself on her and fastened his pace. He grunted loudly… the sound booming in the room as he stilled and released himself inside her, before collapsing on her.

“My innocent little sparrow…” were the last words she heard before sleep claimed her.

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the authors imagination. no part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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