First date?

Chapter 5

…he tore off her clothes and held her hands down on either side and bit her lips so hard she tasted blood… ‘No…No…please don’t… NOOO…’what was that banging noise… someone was calling out her name…

“Preeti…Preeti…open the door… it’s me…”

She jolted upright her palpitations still on. She held a hand to her chest to calm her erratic heart. As always she was crying…like she did everytime she had the nightmare… She checked the time it was 2AM

She walked upto the door and opened it. He stood there in his vest and pants.

He held her cheeks and wiped her tears off with his thumbs…


She leapt into his arms sobs breaking out of her body as if she had never cried before. Her arms around his neck she held him tight. She was on her toes as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. He lifted her and took her near the bed. After a few seconds he released her and made her lie down on the bed. He sat next to her and ran his index finger down her face. He bent down and kissed her forehead. Before he could rise up again she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards her. He straightened alongside her and kissed her. Initially a few pecks on her lips to check if she was ready… but she opened her mouth and that was the invitation he needed to enter her softness. She touched his stubble… oh how much she was coming to love it… she held his head on either side as he deepened his exploring… She raised her torso to feel his chest. Before she knew he was on her. His legs on either side of her hips and supporting himself on his arms on either side of her chest… she pulled him towards her and he obliged. He took a tentative hand towards her breast and touched it…she stiffened. That ended the moment even before it started.  He rose above her and moved away…and sat on the edge of the bed with his elbows on his knees, hunched down breathing heavily…

She got up and sat on the bed hugging her knees. “…I…I..I am so…sorry Ga…Gautam…I… can’t…get that out of my head… So…sorry…”

He stood up and turned towards her. He came close to her and sat on the bed.

“ Preeti, do I scare you?”

She shook her head denying it.

“Have you… had you ever let anyone…touch you…I mean intimately?”

She shook her head again. She had calmed down by now the panic had passed. She looked at at him and said softly, “I…um… I could never let anyone touch me…you… you were the first to even kiss me… I wont deny, I had a couple of so called boyfriends… but…both left me…. You must be knowing it right?  They left because I didn’t let them close. But you know Gautam, I didn’t feel anything when they left. In fact I was relieved. But today… today I am miserable… I want you Gautam… I want you so badly…I don’t know who you are but still feel I have known you since ages….”  He raised his hand to cup her cheek she held that palm within hers and said, “…um… can I ask you a favour Gautam?”

He nodded giving her the go.

“ok… I…I want to … you know… I want to feel it… feel the union of two bodies… I have only read about orgasms but I want to feel it too… I don’t want the memories of my past to ruin my today…” She tightened her grip on his palm and said, “… will you… will you be my first?… I cant imagine myself with anyone else… you know me…everything about me….”

He pulled her towards him and hugged her tight. He dug his head into her hair and took in the shampoo fragrance. “Preeti…  I don’t deserve it but it would be my honour to abide by what you just said, to pleasure you. I promise you… you will experience intimacy. I promise you will erase the bad memories and replace them with what we create. I promise you will love your body and love to pleasure it. But…”

“…but what?” She asked anxiously looking up at him.

“But…Preeti you will have to trust me on this… can you.”

She pulled his hand towards her chest and said, “Gautam, if there is anyone I trust with…this… it’s you. But please be patient with me alright?”

He must have felt her anxiety rising. “I promise, YOU will be setting the pace and YOU will be taking the lead… I will only guide you where you may need. You may take all the time in the world…I don’t care about that…”

She hugged him tight and nodded into his chest.

“Ok Then tomorrow to be precise today evening be ready by 7PM. Dress casual. We will go out… I will take you somewhere… ok?”

She looked questioningly at him but nodded.

He left her apartment early morning with a promise to meet her that evening.

The whole day in office was spent in anticipation. If she was upset about being fired it didn’t show on her face. In fact she wasn’t even thinking about it. She went about her work robotically and couldn’t wait to leave the office. Her colleagues sent her questionable look when they caught her blushing lost in thought.

She was waiting with a bated breath as the clock neared 7PM. She had worn a faded blue jeans pant and baby pink tank top, her favourite outfit. She only put on a pink lipstick.

The doorbell rang sharp at 7Pm and she could feel the bounce in her steps as she rushed to answer the door. He stood there leaning against the frame with his trademark black clothes top to bottom.  He came in shutting the door behind him.

He held her cheeks and whispered, “You are so… so beautiful…” He claimed her lips. She snaked her hands around his neck going on her toes. His stubble felt soft around her mouth. He was a little aggressive in his kiss this time as if he was starved. But she didn’t complain. She felt cherished. She heard a moan and realised it was from her throat. He instantly ended the kiss and rested his forehead on hers. “You… are the death of me Preeti… One more minute here with you and I will forget what I am here for.  Common lets go…” He took her hand and dragged her out of the house.  She saw he had got his car a black coloured Maruti Swift Desire. What was it with this man and black colour?

He drove as if there was no tomorrow her heart was in her throat but she liked the adrenaline rush. For once she wanted to just let go and enjoy herself. It was dark when they arrived in a secluded area. He parked the car in a garage and got down walking towards her. She got out of the car but immediately clutched his hands terrified of the closed dimly lit space.

He held her close to his and said, “Hey don’t worry. This is my home. No one else comes here without my consent. And right now there is no one but you.”

Her heart beats were still on the higher side.  He held her by the shoulders and softly asked, “Preeti, do you trust me?”

She nodded. He continued. “Then just relax ok? There is no rush to do anything. Just enjoy yourself. And don’t worry about anything. Let me take care of you alright?”

She smiled and hugged him feeling better instantly. He held her near the elbow and took her to a door in one of the garage walls. He unlocked it using biometrics and let her enter a beautiful foyer. He followed her shutting the heavy door and setting the locks in place. The foyer was beautifully lit with a circular wall bordering it. The granite below her feet felt good to walk in her sneakers. There was a lovely chandelier right above where she stood the entire foyer getting lit with the hue thrown by the numerous miniature LED bulbs in it.  On the floor right in the centre there was a centrepiece made of marble with a statue of a galloping horse on it in red marble. It was exquisitely designed and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. “WOW” she exclaimed. He stood behind her and hugged her from the back. She initially stiffened but within a moment melted into his chest resting her head on his shoulder as she took in the murals. The art was class apart but what struck her was the use of desert landscape. There were camels and nomads pictured but the most striking picture was of a fort right in the centre. It was more like a ruin. But why did he have it there? She turned in his arms and asked him. “Why is that fort painted there? I mean…its in ruins isn’t it? Which fort is it?”

He released his hands and walked towards the painting. He touched the fort and turned around. “Someday this will be a complete picture…that’s a promise. “

Before she could ask anything else he held her hand and asked. “Want a tour of the house?”

She nodded and they started on the only flight of stairs she saw in that place. She couldn’t help but touch the beautiful and soft wooden railings with wonderful carvings on them. They went to the first floor and he showed her the drawing room. It was huge with light blue walls. There were two small chandeliers that lit up the area. One wall was filled with murals just like in the foyer.  Again, it was landscape of Rajasthan to begin with but it changed to barren terrain with only rocks and no vegetation or people. The fort was there too. Why was it so? She didn’t bother to ask. He would tell her when he felt like…she hoped. The other walls were barren with only the light blue coloured paint. There were no personal photos or anything that even remotely described him as a person or…his family. There was a huge bookshelf throughout one wall. Most of the books she noted were on the history… So he must like ancient history. That’s why the paintings?

There was a huge French window which was shut and curtained floor length. She hoped to enjoy the breeze at that window someday.

He held her hand and showed her the three huge bedrooms and the kitchen.  All bedrooms were identical with attached bathrooms. There too the walls were all bare. She wanted to ask him a lot of questions about him, his family among the other things. She decided she would do it soon.

She loved the spotless modular kitchen with all the latest paraphernalia. Since she loved to cook she knew she could spend her lifetime in this kitchen!!

As they finished the tour of the first level he looked at her again as if he was anxious and spoke softly. “Nervous?”

She held him around his torso and looking up shook her head. “No…not nervous with you around”

“Okay… now for what we have come here.” He held her hand and interlocking their fingers took her to the second level. There was only one room with the door locked. The door was huge and innately carved red wood. What a beauty, she thought as she touched the carving. He took a key out of his jacket pocket and asked her, “Preeti. Do you trust me?”

“Why do you ask so many times Gautam? I… of course I trust you. Else I wouldn’t be here…”

‘Preeti look at me. I am going to take you on a journey alright? Just enjoy. Remember, it’s all about you and your pleasure… and if you feel otherwise anytime you just have to tell me. I will stop then and there…”

She nodded. What was he talking about?

He opened the lock and pushed the heavy door open. The lights came on. It was something she had only heard but never seen. It was a huge room now filled with yellowish light but the overall hue was red… There was a huge poster bed with a soft leather bed and couple of pillows on it. There were curtains not just on the adjoining wall but on the wood surrounding the bed as well. There were some kind of ropes hanging from the ceiling…there were four of them. They looked like stirrups like the one used to climb up a horse. The night lamp on the side stand, had cast a lovely glow inviting her towards the bed. Her breathing was quickening with every passing second.  

  What was this place? Who really was he and most important question of all what was she doing here?

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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