they get together…

Chapter 6

The wall opposite the bed was filled up with… Oh my God, were they whips? She walked wide eyed towards the side wall. Different kinds of whips lay hanging from beautifully moulded hooks. She ran a finger over them. They were very soft feather like. But each had a different texture. Her skin tingled where she felt them each giving her a different sensation. Some whips were hard and some, a combination of the two. She shuddered to think what it would feel on her body. Strangely, it created a sense of anticipation more than fear. Her insides were fluttering already. Did all this feel like how she was doing now? She looked at the adjacent wall. Here were handcuffs made from different materials. Sponge, rexin, steel, molded plastic, satin, velvet and fur. She touched all of them and once again her senses were all over. She was breathing heavily. She was aroused just by the surroundings and he hadn’t even touched her… She then saw scarfs, different lengths and different materials as well as different length of cloth pieces and ties, of varying materials. Next was a wardrobe with drawers. She didn’t know if she wanted to see what was in them. Already it was information overload. She looked into the adjoining mirror and gasped to see him standing right behind her staring intently with those beautiful browns. The other lights were off she didn’t even realise when he had done it. Only the light focussing on them was left on.  His hands were drawn into fists hanging on his sides and she could see he was struggling for control. Looking at him in the mirror she moved her hand behind and gripped his palm. He immediately grasped her hands and pulled her towards him, her back touching his front. He bent his head and whispered into her ear.

“Just look into the mirror. Just enjoy. It’s all about you today…”

Her breath caught at the feel of his breath in her ear. He interlocked their fingers and nipped at her neck. She bent her neck giving him better access. He kissed, bit, sucked and blew on it continuously. She could hear her moan as she tightened her grip. He rubbed his erection at her lower back but instead of being repulsed she realised she wanted it more. She pushed her dearie behind and smiled as she heard him grunt and nip her neck a little harder. He moved to her ear and licked her pinna. He bit it gently and she almost came in her pants. He left her hand and held her hips. He ground his arousal against her. She was so overwhelmed she lost her energy and bet forward supporting her weight on the stand before the mirror. But the position further pushed her backside against him and he increased his pace.

“Preeti-look-at-me.” He spoke with a strained voice. She obeyed and looked at him in the mirror. He was sweating, his jaw was clenched.   

“Now…touch-your nipples…I can see them pebbled up…”

She looked at her chest. Indeed her arousal was visible on her chest. She rose up and with trembling hands touched her breasts. She then looked at him with inviting eyes. His hands left her hips and held her palms over her breasts. Slowly, he pressed them and she squeaked arching her back. He sucked her earlobe and rubbed his hands over hers on her breasts and pressed them alternating with the circular motions. She could feel the building up of the pressure within her core. Her insides started to clench. Slowly she withdrew her hands from under his on her chest so that he was now directly holding her breasts.

“Preeti…” He whispered. She nodded and raised her hand to pull his head down from the back and raised her mouth to kiss him. The action caused her chest to further push in his palms and he now slowly fondled her bosoms. He also continued to grind her from the back and met her lips with his own. He was ravenous on her lips and at the same time pinched her nipples through her tank top. That was her undoing. She screamed into his mouth as she shattered. He didn’t leave her mouth as he kept up with his hands, and rubbing her at the back with his manhood. She leapt up once again as he came too, with a guttural sound muffled in their kiss. She went limp in his arms as he released her mouth. He held her close and put another arm under her knees and lifted her. She put her arms around his neck and buried her head in his chest as he carried her to the bed. He laid her on the four poster bed and kissed her forehead. As he rose to leave she held his hand, with both of hers.

“Hey, I will just be back alright? I er… need to get cleaned up.” He smiled at her as she reluctantly let him go. He entered the attached bathroom.

He had switched on the single piece of light above the bed where she could only see the ceiling with it’s beautiful carvings and the light casting a shadow of those carvings adjacent to each other. It raised her mood.

She was struggling to keep her eyes open as she heard the water running. That was an awesome feeling. Was it what they call… an orgasm? She shuddered clenching her thigh as the aftermath of the waves passed through her again. She had never touched herself. She could never get herself to do it after…

She heard him emerge from the bathroom. He had changed into a loose T shirt and black cotton shorts. Something between them had changed today. He came close to her.

“Come Preeti let me take you to your room. You can sleep there. I have um… kept some clothes for you. You freshen up while I get dinner.”

She was hungry…yes. But not hungry for food. She realised with a jolt that she wanted him. For the first time in her life she was carnally attracted to a man… not any man. She wanted HIM… only him. As he bent to lift her she held his hand.

“Gautam…” she whispered.  As he looked at her with his penetrating brown orbs she said, “… take me…”

“Yes Preeti. I am taking you…”

She tightened her hold on his hand and shook her head. “Um…I mean…TAKE me Gautam…please. I want more… beyond what just happened. I mean… Gautam…please be my first.” She looked at him with tears threatening to spill.

He smiled his rare smile and sat next to her on the bed. He held her cheeks and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. “Preeti, I have never wanted anything so badly as… you. It’s been torturous for me to stay away especially after I had a little taste. But… your first time should be… should be with someone who deserves you, cherishes you. Not the likes of me…”

“…No…” She cut him short. “…I don’t want anyone else. I never wanted anyone else. Its… it’s always been you Gautam…. But if…you don’t want this then….”

Before she could complete her sentence he slammed his lips into her. She fell on her side on the bed and he was sprawled upon her. Immediately he turned on his back taking her along so she was now on top of him. He held her cheeks and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.   As their tongues clashed she clutched his t shirt.

He moved his hands on her back and slowly raised her tank top upwards. He moved his palms along her back tentatively. She stiffened and looked up from the kiss. He didn’t remove his hands but his touch was soft.  She relaxed and dropped her head on his chest.  He moved his hands further upwards and unhooked her bra. Her breathing became erratic and her grip on his t shirt tightened further.

“Are you alright?” He asked huskily. She nodded feeling his growing erection near her thighs. Her senses were all haywire.

He turned her so that she was now under him. He balanced himself extricating her hands from his t shirt. Very gradually he removed her top and gently moved her bra as well. She was topless now shivering underneath his heat.

“Preeti…let me touch you?” His voice was barely a whisper.

She shut her eyes tight and nodded. He used his finger and traced a line from the base of her neck to the left breast. Each of the touches drawing a shiver out of her. He was holding on to his control threatening to snap anytime.  He caught a breast in his palm. Her breath caught as she felt his rough hand on her smooth delicate skin. She felt her nipple pebble instantly calling for his attention.

“look…at me Preeti..” His voice barely audible.

She opened her eyes and saw his face was approaching her breast in his hand. Without breaking eye contact he kissed the tip and as she panted he took the beaded pink tip in his mouth. He sucked and pulled gently. At the same time his other hand took control of the other breast and he held that nipple between his thumb and index finger. As he sucked this he also gave a gentle pull to the other breast. Her breath was now coming in short gasps as she pushed her chest further into him. She could feel the rising tide within her. All that she could hear was the suckling sounds from him and her moans which were getting more and more intense.  The room itself had contributed to the rise of heat within her. Just as quickly he gave her nipple a little bite and she saw lighter behind her eyelids as she arched her body and screamed shattering into a million pieces…

He still didn’t release her. She held his head closer as if her life depended on it. Reflexively she spread her legs to accommodate him further and before she knew she closed them around him.  He released her bud with a pop as she still trembled with the aftermath of her newest orgasm. He removed his t shirt and she opened her mouth to gawk at his super toned abs. She raised her hands instinctively and touched him. She heard him catch his breath as she moved her hands across his torso.

As she touched his stomach and came further down towards his hips he caught her hands.

“You continue that and I am not going to last. This is about you Preeti… ABOUT YOU. Let me show you…”

She was so overwhelmed she couldn’t stop the tear from escaping down her cheek. He bent and kissed it away. She felt his chest with bare minimum hair prickling her sensitive skin. She further arched her back wanting to feel him more. He gave her a quick kiss on her lips and moved downwards towards kissing her everywhere, on the neck, breasts, ribs, stomach, lower abdomen and he touched the button of her jeans and looked up into her eyes. As if asking her. She raised her hips. He opened the buttons and with feather like touch on her skin he pulled her jeans lower and then got them out of her feet. She lay before him in a piece of white scrap covering her core but she wasn’t conscious. In fact the way he was looking at her with his shining brown eyes as if she was the most desirable woman in the world clenched her insides. He sat on his hunches in between her legs. As he looked into her eyes he held the edges of her panties in his fingers. She was now trembling with desire and a need she had never felt before.  Her panties followed the path of her jeans and she now lay bare before him. This time there was no fear… only desire waiting on the brim.

She looked wide eyed as he dipped his head towards her deepest juncture, her heat…

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the author’s imagination. There is no intention to disrespect any person or faith. Any resemblance to any person living or dead or any community is purely coincidental. No part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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