Chapter 3

The office wagon-R cruised along the Worli-Bandra sea-link towards a studio in Andheri as Kajal began to google up her client. KB was apparently shooting for an Ad film that day and a group of press lay in wait. His PA had placed an SOS call to Rhapsody early in the morning when things began to get out of hand and hence the running around building, digging the proverbial well when the house was on fire.

Kajal shook her head as she read about KB’s shenanigans. He was a Casanova and had his string of flings with models and female actors. Especially his sordid affair with the actress Anushka Pandey had been the talk of the town as they waltzed from one party to another. After their mysterious break-up four years ago KB had been changing girlfriends like he changed clothes and currently the flavor of the month was Hetal Kapadia the hottest calendar model and his perfect arm candy.

KB wasn’t bad to look at all… in fact he was the proverbial hunk. 28 years of age and standing tall at six feet his brown orbs seemed as if they saw through your soul. In one of his pictures, it felt as if he was staring right into her heart. Her heart skipped a beat. What on earth was that reaction.

She had never been carnally attracted to men before and here she was drooling over a photograph of a man she didn’t even know before today.

As she browsed further, she came across and article, ‘Model/actor KB trolled for excessive kink… wounded girlfriend files complaint’. There wasn’t much available except for a few lines mentioning his fetish for unnatural wanton pleasures. Nothing made sense to Kajal. She was only 21 for crying out loud and had never experienced the feel of a crush or what they called love in the movies. She never had the time.

She chuckled as they reached the outer entrance of the studio. She was the last person KB would even like to look at given that he was spoilt for choice with hot bodies ready to do anything for him just to be photographed or spend a night with the guy whose every pore oozed masculinity… She shook her head as they approached the enormous gates and she saw the crowd of reporters gathered to get a couple of bytes.

The gates opened allowing the Rhapsody vehicle to pass and she was immediately taken to a room passing through the built up cul de sacs. She was made wait behind something that looked like backstage and as she looked around, she saw various props and other articles strewn over. Those probably had seen better days and were now the unwanted wastes. This was probably the shooting site of some mythological or historical series given the kind of thermacol and plaster of Paris wreckage with gaudy paint and glitter. There were some models of horses and couches from the medieval period.

Kajal was told she could have the day free and decided to surprise Krunal later by taking him out for an early dinner. She had got a special outdoor allowance and that could even cover the pav bhaji parcel for her mama and his family. Excitement surged through her body after months and she couldn’t wait to get done with this speech.

Soon the woman with the earpiece called her over and she walked onto a temporary dais. TO her utmost dismay she stood under a bright spotlight while the sea of paparazzi occupied the ground below and, in the darkness, she could only see their silhouettes.  A few flash bulbs went off blinding her despite her covering her eyes. She squinted to find her way to the marked spot.

She opened up the folder and began her assigned task.

“This is on behalf of Mr. Krish Bhatia alias KB. It is to be noted that baring circumstantial evidence of a seemingly doctored grainy CCTV footage, there is no proof indicating our client KB’s involvement in the assault at J & J bar last night…”

There was a huge uproar from the seated press as the flashes went on and Kajal had to look away. These people were actually hounds as they were rightly called. They were worse than little kids and no sense of decorum. She waited for the sounds to subside but the paparazzi were in no mood as they shot one question after the other.

KB is known for his fondness for liquor…”

“What about the injured woman and her rumored paramor… did KB assault them because she was two timing him?”

“What about Ms. Hetal Kapadia…?”

“Why is KB in hiding…?”

 Kajal’s legs began to tremble as nervousness got the better of her. This was the first time she realized the true meaning of ‘been thrown to the wolves. She blinked back tears of humiliation as they directed questions at her… actually they yelled.

She only stared and they probably took it as a chance to wreak things further. Suddenly one of them screamed.

“Do you think its because of his game gone wrong?”

 What on earth was he talking about? Kajal only stared trying to process the question. She was supposed to just make the statements given to her and exit but this was turning out into something she hadn’t envisioned or prepared for. What would she answer? She didn’t even know the guy.

“lllloook… I  I…. I … He…” she stuttered.

Cat got your tongue young lady?” Someone said and the crowd jeered.

She was now at her wits end and her tears made a beeline for her cheeks.

Oh oh… the woman cries… someone give her a tissue… what is it lady? You missed the bus with the gorgeous client?” another voice blurted and she bit her lower lip trying not to turn into a muddle right there.

 “It’s that special feature that went wrong isn’t it…?”  there was another round of laughter accompanied by hoots.

“Where is the boss then… hiding away in his den and sending his lobbying cohorts?”

Laughter followed and she thought she would collapse right there as tears flew unhindered.

“BOSS ISN’T HIDING ANYWHERE… HE IS RIGHT HERE YOU MORONS… STOP PLAYING WITH THE LITTLE BIRD AND TALK TO THE LION…” A deep baritone boomed startling her and there was a pin drop silence.

She looked up shielding herself from the light above and moved a few steps behind. It was then she saw… Greek God personified… Gosh his pictures didn’t do him justice.

She felt like a rat standing before a lion in his den and this lion tough it appeared he was smiling, he was very very angry.

The most beautiful pair of brown eyes symmetrically placed on a perfectly chiseled face, starred daggers at her. The sprinkling of hair on his chest shining under the bright spotlight huddled by his black loose shirt casually hanging off his firm shoulders.

Krish Batra had arrived to face the wolves…. And he wasn’t happy at all.


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