The Secret Ripples

The second book in the Bodyguard series

Year 2008:

Two friends Dr. Mohandas and Major R. Deshmukh, from different walks of life… share a common bond, Patriotism.

Their sole aim: foiling a sinister attack on the PMO…

However, things don’t go as planned. Hell breaks loose post 26/11.

15 years later:

Mohandas’s daughter Nitya gets embroiled in murky waters and to save herself and her brother she needs help.

Captain Maanav Deshmukh takes up his first independent project after his discharge from the Army.

His duty is not just protecting Nitya and her brother but unravelling the secrets hidden 15 years ago that threaten National security.

Nitya and Maanav share a past but as they peel off the layers developed by their fathers, they realise the connections lie deeper. Personally as well…

Will they thwart the enemy attack this time?

Read the second novel from the Bodyguard series, ‘The Secret Ripples’

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