the union…

Chapter 30

Kajal sat on a chair next to the poster bed where KB lay, a pale form of his former self. Even though not conscious, he gripped her hand in his.

They had rushed him back to the resort, and the doctor had started the saline drips. He was talking about some detox too, and she signed in the permission—anything to rouse KB up from his incoherence. She had quickly changed into one of the resort robes, and KB had been flailing on the bed restlessly. She tried to steady his hand so that the IV wouldn’t come off, but he had gripped hers instead.

She teared up, wondering the kind of pain and anguish KB must be going through and probably for a long time.

The doctor roused ruthlessly from his sleep had suspected KB to be drugged, and Kajal had insisted on going back home as soon as he was OK to travel. But, the doctor had said, it would take a few hours for the drug to go off his system. Kajal was still on tenterhooks though the doctor had assured KB was OK.

There was another factor too. The doctor had pointed out to some injuries observed on KB’s body. Some seemed old, while some were new. He had only stared at Kajal, who was clueless and had looked away.

“It looks a lot more than physical injuries to me, Mrs. Batra….” The doctor had said softly. “…you may need to work on them. Take care.” He had then walked off.

Kajal pushed KBs t-shirt sleeve over his biceps and the purple bruise, like an armlet, stared back at her. Then, somewhere in his delirious sleepy state, he turned, still holding the stone grip on his hand. The blanket had come off, and his t-shirt moved. She was pulled closer to him, and even as she tried to straighten herself, in the dim night light, she saw marks on his back… she had witnessed them earlier too after his accident, but she was sure they were faint then. Now there were new ones. What the hell was happening…? Did he… did KB injure himself? Was he some whacko?

She had no option but to climb onto the bed next to him or risk her hand getting pulled out of its sockets. But as soon as she lay next to him, he came closer into her, and she hugged him, caressing his back till he fell into a blissful sleep. His grip on her palm also loosened, and she finally freed herself. She didn’t let go of contact, though. She knew she needed it as well… to be assured that he was fine. She sobbed silently into her pillow, dreading what she had witnessed in the dead of night. She had almost lost KB… again.

Though they now had the proper guards and the police were vigilant as well, she feared shutting her eyes.

Gradually fatigue overpowered her thought process, and she fell asleep.

Some sound woke her up… it was the early hours of dawn, but due to the incessant rains, it was dark outside. She heard muffled sounds. Still groggy, she looked around, and the events of the night sank in. She saw KB mutter something and moved closer.

“Gyan please yaar… drive slowly…. No… who is that…? Why do I see double… why am I flying alongside the car? Ruhaan are you awake buddy…. Watch Watch….WATCH OUT…GYAAN…RUHAAN…NOOOOO….NOOOO. KAJAL too? NO… Somebody help…” He screamed and whimpered.

Kajal held his hand. “Krish… wake up… you are here… I am here…we are all fine dear…”

KB suddenly woke up, his eyes wide, and he looked around, totally disoriented. He was breathing heavily. He turned towards Kajal and frowned. “Kajal…? You OK?”

“yes, Krish, I am absolutely fine… you are fine too”  She moved towards the other side and removed his IV the way the doctor had explained to her and rubbed the site before putting a band-aid on it.  

“Why Kajal….?” He spoke hoarsely

“Why what?” she was puzzled.

“Why did you want to jump? Was it so bad living with me…” KB teared up and looked away.

Her heart broke, and she went close to him. She held his hand.

“Krish… you were drugged, alright? I never… why would I jump? Don’t you ever think like that.”

“Drugged? How…?”He rubbed his face. “… Kajal… is it that bad?”

“Krish… you shouldn’t worry about all that and rest now…” She tried to assure him. But he was getting agitated.

“Kajal… please…is it …BAD?” His grip tightened, and she moved closer to him.

Holding his face with her other palm, she said, “Krish… just listen to me… I don’t know why you are thinking the way you do right now. I am happy and contented living with you and wouldn’t trade in anything else for this. I know ours is a… contract marriage and I am just your bride by chance, but then, I have never lived a full life like this before. Each day with you is fun despite the roller coaters… so why on earth would I want to give up all that?”

He stared at her even as a lone tear fell off the corner of his eyes, and she wiped it away.

“Kajal… I thought… I lost you too…”

She opened up her arms, and he went into them as she held him close, rubbing his back.

“I am not going anywhere Krish… and we will fight whatever this is, together. I promise you we will.”

He nodded into her shoulder even as he tightened his hold around her.

“but Krish…” she continued rubbing his back. “…there are things… I need to know… please let me in, dear…”

She felt him stiffen, and he released his hold. Then, she realized he was withdrawing again. She held his face in her palms.

“Krish, please… I know you are hurting… that was some nightmare you got there… Your face said it all. I have seen you hurt… I have felt your turmoil. Please, Krish, let me in. I saw those injuries, and last night the doctor saw them too… I saw the fresh ones on your back as well… so tell me, Krish… what’s all this about. I promise I won’t judge you. I only want to know you…that’s all.”

“let it go, Kajal it isn’t a rosy picture… just something from my past..”

“…A past that’s still haunting you, Krish. We are friends. I can vouch for the fact that all those articles about you on the internet are all a farce. I know it for sure. You aren’t the KB projected to the world… you are just Krish. A tender-hearted Krish.”

She saw his eyes filled and knew he was hurting like hell, but this was the only time she could pry information out of him. He sniffled his sobs away, swallowing heavily.

“Why Kajal? Why do you want to know my past? Why should you get embroiled in my mess… it’s way too dark, and it will put you off… you may start to dislike me… and…”

“…Krish…” She interrupted him. “… nothing that you tell me will ever make me dislike you. What ever the skeletons on your closet are.”

“Why Kajal…?”

“You still don’t know Krish?” At his clueless stare, she said. “…That’s because I love you Krish… Not KB the superstar but Krishiv Batra, the man with a golden heart who is a darling.” She blinked back tears.

His breathing became rapid as her words began to sink in, and he immediately held the back of her head and drew her closer. Then, barely looking at her for a second, he kissed her.

For the next minute or so they poured all they had into that kiss… all the weeks of pent-up emotions drowned in the process as they held each other closer and explored. His hands moved lower down her back, and he suddenly turned around, holding her.

She giggled as she fell on her back with him hovering above her, balancing himself on his arms on either side.

“Kajal, this is your last chance to escape… After that, I won’t be able to stop myself….”

“…Then don’t stop Krish….” She abruptly said, and his eyes filled with molten lava, and she wanted nothing more than to dissolve into their depths.

He moved his hand on her body covered by the flimsy robe, and she suddenly shivered due to the chill… or was it him? His hands halted at the loose knot at the center, and his gaze unwavering from her eyes, he untied it. The flaps fell open, revealing her. She hadn’t got time to pack, and her clothes now lay drying in the corner of the room. He stared at her as the tiny streaks of morning brightness penetrated through the shut windows despite the rain playing the perfect racket in the background.

“You are stunning, Kajal…” he whispered as he bent forward and kissed her forehead, her eyes, nose, pecked at her lips, the cleft in her chin, and moved towards her neck. She raised her chin, giving him the needed access gripping his biceps, and her hand moved to hold his head as he moved lover towards her valleys. Then, kissing her in between her bouncy globes, he took an erect nub into his mouth, and she felt the pooling of wetness in her secret apex.

His hand kneaded the other mound while he sucked at her and she found herself pulling him towards her further as her fingers ran their way in his dense hair.

He then moved on to the other bead seeking his keen attention, and she was already writhing in ecstacy. She heard some unclear speech and realized it came from her. Finishing his job there, he moved lower, kissing her naval and finally, when he reached her secret entrance, she held her thighs together. He chuckled as she felt his warm breath on her thighs. He slowly parted them and began to shower his kisses on her thighs. He started from the knee and moved downwards towards her wetness… She held her lower lip between her teeth.

Strangely she wasn’t scared and wanted him with a hunger she didn’t know existed. He took off his t-shirt and her eyes widened to see his well-toned body. She had seen in the pictures but the reality was way too good. His boxers followed next, and as his member sprang, out she wondered if he would fit into her.

He inserted his finger into her wetness even as he stared into her eyes and smiled… she was a goner. He then inserted his other finger, and she lifted her hips, unable to take it any more. He then moved her thighs apart and bent closer to her holding her hands above her head.

“Kajal darling… it’s your first time, isn’t it?”

She must have nodded through her fugue as he continued. “…It would pain a little, but I promise to make it an experience worthwhile.”

She already felt the trembles in the lower abdomen as his hard length began it ascent… there was a tiny prick, but she saw him clench his jaw as he controlled himself not to hurt her, and her eyes filled. The moment he passed the barrier and filled her to the brim she saw him teary as well and she rubbed his arms as he maintained his balance. That was all the permission he needed as he moved slightly out and slammed back inside… barely a few strokes, and she saw stars before her eyes as her insides clenched around him. He bent down and kissed her hard, holding her hands again and increasing the rocking movements of his body.

She felt him stiffen further as he grunted her name into her mouth as she got filled with his warmth.

He fell on her but immediately turned her around into his arms, and they lay limbs entangled breathing down from their pinnacles of ecstatical sojourn.

The music winnowing from the nature at play

Their passion laden with trust will no more go astray…


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