Book Review: Dharma Meter

Author: Rahul Kale

I just finished reading the book a few minutes ago and I am in a daze. I am enthralled by the mesmerizing journey I have had in the span of the two days that I took to savor the book.

The book is a beautiful blend of science and technology engulfed in a gamut of spiritual and astral projections. In our realm, it’s tough to believe these co-exist but the author has shown its plausibility.

The Author through his protagonist RAW agent Akshay Mallick has opened the doors to AI which is not Artificial Intelligence but Advanced Intelligence. Mallick is entangled in a complex web of quantum-based happenings that span across a different time frame and a realm in itself. He traverses through the ethereal pathways trying to meander the complexities thrown his way even as it opens his blinders to what he is capable of. He is embroiled in strange mystical abilities, farfetched to an outside observer, that help him resolve the conflicts he faces.

Parallelly investigative journalist Shyama Hazarika is in possession of highly classified leaked data that speaks of high-profile powerful bigwigs involved in clandestine scams. The whistle-blower is at the vortex of the happenings and though he is anonymous, his identity unravels a lot more than that meets the eye.

Simultaneously the ISRO too is involved as they try to decipher strange signals received from India’s maiden missile to Jupiter. The international scientific community is only too keen to decipher the cryptic signals. Do they have an internal vendetta?

Do those signals mean anything that can destroy the foundations of the very belief of humanity since time eternal? The book navigates the complex conundrums and decodes it all.

The author has let his imagination run amock and based it all on sound research. A piece of brilliance. Commendable and a must-read particularly for sci-fi lovers.

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